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Anyone tried out one of those Zowie G-SR/P-SR mousepads? Looking at buying one at the end of the week and retire my Steelseries QCK+ that’s been with me through two house moves.


Can’t say, never gotten anything Zowie brand

I also found this for anyone shopping for PC builds in LATE 2018
This is Late 2018 and not caring what is promised to come out in spring of 2019.
Also items that are hard to find are ignored in favor of items in stock.


It’s that time of year again – You know the one. The one you celebrate. With tech. So now that 2018’s nearly over, which CPU should you buy?

Buy a Ryzen 3 2200G (Budget Gaming Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Core i3 8100 (Budget Gaming Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Ryzen 5 2600 (Budget All-Rounder + Budget Gaming + Budget Workstation Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Ryzen 7 2700X (Midrange All-Rounder + Midrange Workstation Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Core i5 8500 (Midrange Gaming Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Core i5 8600K (High-end Gaming Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Core i7 8700K (Midrange All-Rounder + High-end Gaming Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Core i7 9700K (Would be a recommendation in multiple categories if you could find one…):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Threadripper 1920X (High-end Workstation Honorable mention):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Threadripper 2920X (High-end Workstation Recommendation):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:

Buy a Threadripper 2950X (Best-Value High-end Workstation CPU):
On Amazon:
On Newegg:


Amazon got the Ryzen 5 2600 for $145


Free game…


Okay, guys - Black Friday it is, then.

If I were to have a rig built, say, buy a reasonble-ish, boutique, what would be the parts I well and truly want?

I’ve been out of the loop since early 2016, when I got a decent tower with, I think an Asus Z170 PRO GAMING (godlike board), Skylake i7, and a 1080 Founders in it.

I kind of do really want at the very least that much graphics prowess, and of course a better processor that’s top-end-ish, and a good motherboard.


For graphics card you can get this EVGA 2070 for $485 at B&H

If your sticking with Intel go with the 8700K. It’s going for $340

I’m not sure which motherboard would be the best for it.


See the video I posted above for CPUs.
They got 3 categories and each category got 3 price ranges


So… 9700K or 9900K?

it seemed kind of glossed over, at that point.

He said the 9700K was grand if you could nab one, but did not make mention of the 9900K.

Is it worth it, ya think?

I might go crazy and get a 2080 ti 11GB.



Those CPUs are glossed over because the value proposition is bad and availability is poor. Even if you are crazy enough to buy one good luck in finding any. The chips ain’t truly a new generation but a refresh of Coffee Lake. I also been hearing terrible things about the Z390 motherboards that support them.


Good to know - thanks.

So which big-box brand is currently king?

I used to go Digital Storm, but I hear they’ve slid off a rather steep cliff of ego + IDGAF builds.


I don’t know if their king but NZXT got their own called Let’s BLD that I’ve heard a lot of great things about. They have a frame counter that let’s you build a system around how well you want your (presumably) favorite games to run. They were great during the mining boom as they were one of the very few businesses that sold graphics cards at MSRP. They only charge $99 for labor and usually ship within 48 hours of placing an order.


I’d second BLD as well …


Don’t ever get a PC from Wal-Mart


A H310 motherboard for something that’s suppose to be a high end-ish PC costing 4 figures? Scam indeed. That’s not factoring the shit power supply, no filter on the front panel, ugly wires and wire management.


I ordered my Zowie mousepad from Amazon as planned, but I didn’t get the SR series. I ended up getting a PTFX mousepad, which is supposed to be a step up from the P-SR and G-SR pads. It’s supposed to be delivered Wednesday, which means I’ll go to my mom’s place Thursday to pick it up. Will give impressions then, but I’m taking my QCK to work tonight to put it through the wringer.


Wal-Mart makes Best Buy gaming PCs look legitimate.


Dont forget the hotglue.
Whats up with the glue?

That is just a NO.


Gamers Nexus did state that Esports Arena more than likely outsources the system integration to Chinese labor, but looking at the parts from this build; just NO. If you’re on here and even remotely thinking of buying this, you need to be backhanded and shown different SI options. iBuyPower shits all over this.


I remember a decade or so ago, when iBuyPower and Cyberpower were straight Tiger Direct tier.

And Digital Storm was S++ tier.

Times have changed, I guess.


Thanks, all.

I went with Origin.

They look legit, from all I’ve read, and they had all the parts I wanted/you recommended.