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so, I have a EVGA Supernova G2 650w power supply on it’s way to me from Newegg. Should be here at the end of the week, and I plan on replacing my 1.2kw Antec Truepower Quattro with it and setting it aside for perhaps a Threadripper build I want to do for my wife that’s for her graphic design hobby.


So I got:

i7 9700K
Soundblaster X-Fi
2080 Ti Founders 11GB

I think I’m set for a year or six.


With that 2080 Ti you are set for a while, it be a while till gaming takes full advantage of the Ray-tracing abilities


It will take it while to do ray tracing with decent framerates if Battlefield V is any indication.


Evidently I was given a copy of it, with my Black Friday purchase.

Kinda cool.


got my PTF-X mousepad today, and it is a very nice mousepad. It’s a little larger than my old QCK, but that’s fine because I switch sensitivities in-game a lot, especially in Destiny 2. Power Supply will probably arrive next week and it’ll get installed next week as well. Next up will be to do a slight upgrade to NVME storage and taking out a failing HDD that I discovered wasn’t working properly recently. Frequently played games like Destiny 2 are gonna go on it along with one title at a time out of my Steam Library.


NVME storage got ordered today, picked up a ADATA XPG SX8200 series with a capacity of 480gb. It’ll be here Friday sometime.


Those XPG NVME is really good. Booting into windows is lightning fast. It’s just as good as the Samsung 960 Evo I use.


I got a M.2 NVMe PCIE Samsung 970 500GB ordered as my boot drive.

I am kinda hype.


Weirdest thing… the standard 2080 Ti 11GB by random vendor is now $175 more than the founders at the site I got mine from.

Kind of odd, no?

Aren’t the founders supposedly the creme del la creme?


As far as RTX goes yes. Does this random vendor card have a custom PCB, magnificent cooler or factory OC or anything like that?


Doubt it.

The site labels the part that goes into the build that way, as a qualifier that the manufacturer is random, as per which you get, I think.


I don’t like the sound to that. All cards don’t have the same performance to randomly pick a manufacturer.


Way I see it is Nvidia wants their reference card (fuck calling it a founders edition, call it what it really is) to be the top of the line, and offer the same kind of pricing despite the fact that partner cards are better built, better cooling with stable factory over clocks.
I would of gone with Team Red (AMD) if they didn’t botch the whole Vega release. Hence why last years black Friday I went with a GTX 1080 instead after not having an Nvidia card for a decade, it was at the time the most sensible choice for video cards.


With the RTX launch Nvidia horded the best PCBs for themselves which is why the founder editions cards cost more than the partner cards. I find incredibly stupid for a supplier to compete against their own partners.


I watched alot of GPU card reviews.
Founders cards are overpriced and not as well built as some of the offering from the likes of Asus, MSI, Gigabye, and EVGA.


Of course not but their power draw isn’t as hard locked as those cards.


Some of the better 3rd party cards has a lower power draw, higher clock, better cooling, and unlock RGB lighting. And that is with the stock PCB.

The reference cards has their RGB locked with their lights set to solid green.

Only reasons I would ever suggest a “founders edition” nonsense is

  1. Water cooling (as it can be hard to find proper blocks for 3rd party custom PCBs.
  2. If we get into another graphic card drought because of fucking bitcoin, Nvidia refence cards stay at MSRP.


Crypto isn’t ever coming back to the point where there will be another GPU shortage.

I also could be completely wrong too.


Crypto was one helluvah solid showing for the smoke and mirrors that is Wall Street, though.

If people are still too stupid to see that modern “money” is unfettered bullshit, then fuck 'em.

They deserve to be hustled like cattle.