The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


Styx: Shards of Darkness
STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic
STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
STAR WARS™ - The Force Unleashed™ Ultimate Sith Edition
The Age of Decadence
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition
Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

All for $4.99…I’d jump on these if I didn’t already have almost all of them already.


If I didn’t already have Shadow Run and I dunno how many versions of Metal Slug X I’d be inclined to jump on that. Alas.


it’s seemingly worth it for KOTOR/KOTOR2 alone. Can the keys for things you do have be gifted away ala Humble Bundle?


The specs and prices for Ryzen 2 CPUs and Navi GPUs leaked

If any of this is remotely true then Intel is fucked.


I am hoping your right. But if it’s up to me I would outlaw Crypto. It’s too easy to steal money and launder money with.

Several countries already have, as well as a number of big name banks in the US and EU will automatically refuse any transactions remotely dealing with Crypto.

Funny still there was professional finance guys and stock traders who tried their hand at crypto and they lost their entire investments and profits despite almost making millions at one point. When the Wall Street investment pros can’t make money in a field you know its horse shit.
I feel the whole Crypto scene was only good for was the people who sold idiot investors the tools they need.
Like the California gold rush of old, there more money being made selling tools and supplies then their were in actual mining. It’s how Levi Strauss made his empire by selling pants, his first costumers were miners.


since I couldn’t play a whole lot of games on my last PC, I tried my hand at crypto while it was skyrocketing and it paid for the RAM that’s in my current setup now.

That being said, there is a place in the town where my wife lives called Bitcoin and Bullion, I shit you not.


Another round of pretending AMD can compete with Intel in power incoming.


Company of Heroes 2 Free until 12/10…


What are you talking about?
When it comes to productivity. AMD got Intel beat.


NVME drive and new power supply came today, and it didn’t take very long to install both. Also took the opportunity to move my old SSD to the back of the case I currently have and do some internal/external cleaning of it.

I think the next thing I want to get as a upgrade will probably be a Ryzen 7 2700 to be a little more future proof.


Huh, I had no idea CS:Go was working on a battle royale mode too. It just came out yesterday.


…and CS GO is now free to play.


No thanks, Valve make TF2 free to play and I lost all interest in that game
CG Go as Free to play, Hard Pass.


Bought a Intel 9700k with a Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Mobo at Microcenter.

Bought ram on Newegg last week but hasn’t arrive because Fedex decide to give my package to the post office and got delayed.


Hand offs from Insert shipping Service here to USPS is always struck with awesome delays.
The hand off of DHL, UPS, Fed EX, ect to USPS is a weird experience with so many checks and counter checks, and rechecking that it adds security but it causes huge delays. Its almost as worst as having to do international shipping and watching the item sit in customs for a week on your tracker.


Free until Saturday I think…


the uPlay store has a sale going on right now with some pretty decent discounts. Just picked up the newest Assassin’s Creed game in the digital deluxe edition along with the complete edition of Rainbow Six Siege for around $80.



I hope I didn’t buy it already…


Why? What’s the point in a RTX 2060?