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That does seem like a stupid move. The 1160 will be nice if it brings 1070 performance at a 1060 price- i.e. the price/performance improvement that a new gen of GPU’s should be bringing.



Who’s familiar with ebay? I sell stuff here and there, but I never really browse items. A friend of mine came upon this and it sounds way too good to be true. 1080ti for $122?

If that was the case I’d be buying and reselling.


I would be weary of 1080tis selling for that cheap. It must have been used for mining so it might taken a heavy beating.


got a h115i pro AIO for Christmas thanks to my mom throwing some cash my way. Went to install it, only to find out that I have to have the stock retention brackets that came with the motherboard to install it. That and I lost most of the pieces to the mounting set. Have both on their way from respective retailers along with a 1g tube of Kryonaut thermal paste. That’ll be my first project of the new year, since I have a schedule change coming up starting 5th January.

Next up on the upgrade list will be to upgrade the intake and exhaust fans in my case. I currently have 2 ML140 Pro fans up front, but no fan in the back. Looking at buying either some 3k RPM EK Vardar fans or buying some Noctua Industrial fans and running them on reduced voltage up front, since my case has a built-in fan controller for the two front fans.

Then it’ll be time to start saving for either a 2080 or 2080ti.


I got Noctua Industrial fans as my front and rear case fans with Vadar fans on my AIO.
I almost never use the stock fans.

And I think most Noctua fans come with a speed reducer


I don’t think the Industrial Fans do. Their standard 120mm/140mm fans (and probably their Chromax ones) have the ULN adapter in the box, which lowers RPMs to around 900 if my memory serves me right. Plus, you can limit fan speed on most major AMD and Intel motherboards now (I know my TUF board has the option to do that percentage wise I do believe), provided they have a fan controller built-in.

The thermal paste and my retention bracket and clips are at my PO Box, so I’ll be going tonight before work to pick them up. Mounting hardware comes in Thursday, so I plan on going Friday morning to pick that up and installing my h115i finally.


Nvidia getting sued by miners :joy:


That is hilarious, its the minners that caused the shortage.
if anything Nvidia should countersue


They mad that Nvidia blamed the mining crash for the company’s losses for the fiscal year. They are suing for what’s essentially defamation.



Nvidia is getting sued by their stockholders, for the losses they incurred when the bottom fell out of the Crypto Market.

Their stockholders are suing the company itself, for their not seeing new and higher profits, claiming that the company lied to them and caused their “losses”, due to misrepresenting its capacity to read, control, and perpetuate demand and thus unlimited growth, within the market.

It is stockholders suing Nvidia for not being psychic and/or capable of what would be tantamount to illicit market manipulation.

And it is hilarious, for all the right wrong reasons.

Fuck a stockholder.

They are fucking cancer.


So they are mad because Nvidia can’t predict a chaotic unstable mess which is the cryptocurrency trend?
No body knew what crypto was doing day to day, forget monthly and yearly sale projections.
What about AMD? ATI/AMD cards like the Vega Series were being targeted even more than the 1070s and 1080s.
Also the writing was on the wall how bad crypto made everything when China and India bans all crypto activity with in their own countries, Wall street refuses to touch crypto with a 11 and a half foot pole, and US banks are refusing Cyrpto related transactions.


mounting hardware got delivered today, but when I went to pick up the package; it had yet to be processed into the facility at the post office. So the project will have to be done next week, since I have a three-day work week (I’ll probably complete it on Wednesday, since I’m doing my part-time work to get money for some projects).


So I got my dad a SSD for christmas since he still runs a HDD. I decided to just clone the HDD onto the new SSD, but it’s been sort of unstable. Like sometimes browsing the web the PC will just completely freeze. Also had to do several disk checks upon startup.

I’m assuming it’s because the cloning is just messed up and it would better to just freshly reformat the SSD right? Unless it’s a faulty SSD, which I hope is not the case.


Backup the HDD and run the SDD clean to check to see if it’s the problem. If you get the get the same problems definitely return it.


Nvidia officially announced the 2060 and it will launch next week for $350. Who the fuck will pay that for a mid tier card?


Why even make a RTX 2060 when they are also making a GTX 1160 as well??

Whats the point with a Mid tier card with a top tier function (ray tracing) you can never take full advantage of?
The RTX 2080 Ti can’t even do a proper 4k resolution at 60 FPS and Ray tracing at the same time, it struggles with 30 FPS at 1080p .

If AMD gets off their ass and make a decent High end card (without ray tracing, or fix how ray tracing works)
I would get that instead of a 2080.

Also what dumb ass named it Ray tracing, Ray Tracing was the name of how Wolfenstine 3D and Doom used to render their psudo 3D Environments back before the hardware was there to support 3D.


1160 is 2060 without RT and Tensor cores basically.

2080ti can do 60 FPS in 1080p with ray tracing on. Battlefield V is still the only game with the feature.


I forgot they did a driver update


Well when I unplugged the old HDD(it was formatted to be used as a storage device, but it still had the oem recovery partition on it) the PC seemed to run fine. I formatted the SSD and did a fresh install anyway. Also deleted the recovery partition on the old drive.

Everything runs fine now.