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Nvidia will add G-Sync support to select Free Sync monitors


And Here is the Problem

Key word being SELECT

What does that really mean? Still sounds like a barrier to people who wants Adaptive-Sync without the garbage BS branding Nvidia forces onto monitors. Watch all those monitors on that list go up in price.
Worst of all is that VESA’s competing DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol is a open source standard.
Nvidia made G-sync as a barrier so they can charge a premium for use of their tech, and I am certain Nvidia went out of their way to make Acer, Asus, AOC and BenQ to pay for certification.


Select means G-Sync will get supported with a handful of Free Sync monitors. This must be Nvidia’s way of supporting Free Sync without ditching their proprietary tech. They should throw G-SYNC in the trash as the adaption rate for Free Sync has exploded. Every new monitor has it, new model TVs are using it and even game consoles are being updated to support it. G-SYNC had been left in the dust.


In depth look at G-Sync support on FreeSynce monitors

I wish this existed last year so I didn’t have to shell out an extra $200 for a G-Sync monitor.


Now the good shit coming from CES. The announcement of Radeon VII

It’s dropping on February 7th for $700. If it can compete with the 2080 I’m going to regret having an Nvidia card.


so, I never got my mounting kit for my H115i Pro. Between UPS and the post office losing the package at the front counter (quite literally), I’m sitting with a $140 paperweight that I can’t use until I get the mounting kit. So I ended up spending 45 minutes on the phone this morning with Corsair’s support team in hopes that they’ll ship a replacement kit without me having to spend another $25 to purchase another one. If I have to do that, I will go out of my way not to use Corsair anymore in any of my builds, as I’ve used them for parts for close to 20 years in multiple PC builds. I’m also changing where my PO Box is going to be next month when it comes time to renew the box. I’ll just get a PO box at a UPS store instead, and start having FedEx packages sent to the FedEx Office near my job.


Two days…

…just two more days.

'Dat New Rig Hype. ™


The UPS Store can accept FedEx packages for you, they just can’t send them.


So I went to my PO Box this morning, and sure enough the mounting kit was in a parcel locker. Now to get ahold of Corsair and cancel the ticket I put in with them …


My apartment complex has those stupid things.

It is better than their just leaving shit outside your door, and walking away without knocking, though.


Fuck I hate that shit. Yea thanks for leaving my 300 dollar package on the front patio…in student housing.

At least leave it in the office numb nuts. Have all my packages delivered to me at work now.


that was the whole intent of getting the PO box as well. I’m over by the post office at least 4 days a week, so I can easily get anything that I’ve been sent.


Well like I said you can receive a package shipped by anyone at The UPS Store should you get a box there. You’re just limited to UPS and USPS as shipping options out.


Treated myself to something pre-birthday.


Nice case, it’s a good choice


Really looking forward to building in it. Shows that it’ll be here Wednesday, so I’ll spend a couple of hours on my birthday transferring my build from the Define R5 I currently have into the Phanteks case. I would have bought another Fractal Design case, but euro to USD for parts kills it.


Yeah I got a Define R6, and it sucks that there no US distributor for parts and their European store sells out as quick as they get stock.

But it’s a nice beastly case with good balance of noise reduction and air flow


Old school:


Good riddance

Hope all the smart phone makers gets the picture that we want our analog audio jack


This is one of myriad reasons why my cell phone maker of choice, is Samsung.

They also make great low input lag T.V.s :wink: