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Now I only hope Samsung gets the idea that we also want user removable batteries.
The Galaxy S5 has a removable battery that was also has water resistance

We don’t need thinner phones, we just want better battery life.


Speak for yourself


You know what happens when we get phones that are too thin, we get the whole Apple #bendgate thing how the iPhone gets a 45 degree bent from being in your pants pocket.

Give me a phone that will not die after I watched a 3 hour movie on Netflix.
Back in the day, you charge your phone once and it last a whole week. Now you’re lucky if you get a phone to last you all day.


my P350X is out for delivery a day ahead of schedule! Hoping that it gets delivered to the FedEx Office in the next hour or so, so I can move my build in there today before my wife gets off work. Otherwise, I’m headed there in the morning to pick it up when I drop her off at work.


Bendgate happened because Apple is fucking garbage. They cheaped out on the components on their phone and it resulted in a shitty product. Other thin phones didn’t have that problem.

Back in the day phones weren’t multi media devices. It wasn’t possible to watch videos, play games, stream music, GPS and other power heavy functions. I had a tracphone that I had to charge every three weeks but I couldn’t do shit with it but call and text.


Yeah agree with you there, Apple used a very cheap grade of aluminum, where just as inexpensive plastics do just fine.

I just think phones dont need to be any thinner than they are. I would dont mind slightly more thickness to phones if I can
A. Remove and replace the battery my self
B. Better battery life

As you say we can play games, watch movies, edit spreadsheets and so on on our phones and these activities drain phone batteries fast.
Like I avoid all mobile games as they just drain battery life way, way too fast.


I carry a power bank on me so battery life isn’t so much of a big concern for me anymore. I brought a One plus 6T two weeks ago and it has a beefy battery. For my usage I only have to charge it every two days.


I really lucked out … can pick up my P350X and my PWM splitter in the morning and move my build.


Yeah i got like a $80 battery bank that can charge my S9 like 8 times before its out of power


@Darksakul forget about the pics. i was gonna show you a pic of the power cord but its not necessary.
my power cord from my old tv fits perfectly into the inlet of the printer.
but i have not dared to turn it on yet.
the tech guy from the company that made the printer…its a novajet 750 btw.
said that it only works with 220v.
but then i said that their company’s specs state that it runs between 90-230VAC,45-60HZ
so it should work with 110v according to the VAC and the tech guy replied…only 220v.
so apparently the tech guy doesnt know what he is talking about.
then you just confirmed my suspicions that the tech guy is not savy with power supply.
unless they programmed it to only run on 220v?
doubtful. that wouldnt seem plausible or practical.
i connected a american tv power plug to it. but havent plugged it into outlet yet.
cuz im scared. i def dont want a short curcuit.
until im sure.
but it should work according to their specs. idk wtf this tech guy is talking about tho.


They tech is probability playing it safe.
I am just making logical conclusions based on what little I see.

You got any photos of the printer in question?
if there some label or plate that states the power requirements, then you can decide from that


Why did you buy a printer from china?


I would imagine it’s not a typical office printer but something that would normally cost thousands.


Because the Japanese charge A LOT more for android capable 3-printers.

Yes, the lack of capitalization is is correct.


Wife surprised me out of nowhere with a Scepter 27” Gaming Monitor today while at the con. 144hz refresh rate :cowboy_hat_face:


What type of panel it has?


Rep confirmed to me it’s a Samsung IPS panel in the display. They had a demo unit of Battlefield 1 at 5760x1080 running @ 120hz on the floor and it was silky smooth as all get out.


Someone made a mod of Quake 2 that uses Ray Tracing for lighting


Quake engine is immortal.


I’m a bit late on this but Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020