The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


Your choices,

  1. Get win 10
  2. Get Linux
  3. Enjoy your obsolete system


Go Mac.

Pay 2019 boutique prices for 2017 hardware.



Watch Lois Rossman on YouTube, you see how terrible every mac is engineered.


I realize.

Which is why I so accurately described it.

But you omitted it, so I figured, why not?


Well the old adage of oh macs are good for multimedia dont even work anymore.

Ever since macs stop using Power PC architecture and when with x86 with Intel making the CPU, there nothing in a mac that a real PC dont have. And even with a windows laptop even the most locked down models I can upgrade the ram. Can’t do that in a Mac anymore.


Ever since Adobe jumped ship (before jumping the shark), Mac has been utterly irrelevant for anything other than an easy in for hooking up at the coffee shop.


The joke is pretending Apple’s an option right? It was left out for a reason.


True, if it was not for some schools/colleges require their students to buy a Mac, there no justification I can find to owning a mac.

The explanation of “oh it’s a closed environment that Apple has full control of and everything [works] as it should” is bull crap as as Jobs dies, Mac engineering went to utter shit.
There new core i9 models of laptop thermal throttle so badly you are far better getting the cheaper i7 model that works at full capacity. The i9 laptop performs worst than the i7. Honestly you better off with anything else. And their work stations, Linus Tech tips broke their workstation trying to upgrade the ram and hdd. They cracked the screen, and asked if Apple would repair it and offered a blank check and apple refused.
Their options was ether be out of a workstation, buy a new one at full price or go though literal back alley deals to get repair parts.


what about chromebooks and their os?


Android is an OS?

Not even for Nippon fuckbots.


Android is just a off shoot of Linux anyways.


cant the same be said of windows tho?


You mean an offshoot of Macintosh?


idk im not as pc savy as you guys
its why i’m asking


Did I wander into the state of the US thread on accident or something?


Gates based Windows on Apple’s Mac OS, took it overseas to Asia where the patent laws weren’t as tight, got it firmly established there, and said “what are you gonna do about it?”

Gates is so shady, he made Jobs look like a virginal boy scout troop leader.


Actually thats wrong, Gates did rip off the GUI interface, it stole it from Xerox and not Apple.
Apple did hire Microsoft to come up with Mac OS version 1, and in their contract Microsoft isn’t supposed to come out with a GUI for a certain period of time. Apple sat on the software and didn’t launch the Mac right away, and Microsoft just marked their calendars when by their understanding of the contract they can also use the GUI they stole from Xerox.

Apple got pissy, claimed Microsoft cheated and took them to court, the Judge found that Microsoft followed their end of the deal to the letter and Apple was just stupid for sitting on the product.


Pretty sure he ripped off DOS from Xerox, and Windows from Apple.


Nope, Xerox had the GUI first, Gates even got Xerox’s lead programmer to quit his job at Xerox to work at Microsoft and to bring all his work with him.

DOS was just a legal work around from how AT&T/Bell Labs Unix worked, Microsoft changed just enough of the software where AT&T could not do shit about it.



Well then.

…I only saw bits and pieces of Pirates of Silicon Valley.


20 years ago.

I’ll take your word for it.