The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


I seen that movie

its a how do I say it, fluffed up for dramatic effect and 90% of it is complete Bull shit and 10% is true.
Like most of these “True Life” Motion Pictures Drama, there is ALOT of artistic license going on there.

If this was an actual documentary instead of a film drama, Microsoft and Bill Gates could sue for slander


DOS was a massive improvement over Bell Labs Unix, not to mention began paving the way for standardisation so Gates is a fucking hero imo.

Most copywrite laws are horse shit anyway, especially Apple’s so whatever imo.


Yeah Gates helped standardize the industry, before Windows there was a thousand and one different Operating systems. Every hardware manufacture had their own OS, and software was only work on that one machine and no other, and often with newer models old software was not forwards compatible

Back in the day the only thing that was common was everyone had a Rom on board with Microsoft Basic on it.


i dont know shit of their history but this seems more close to reality, based on this interview i watched of them both together.


12 years later Jobs is dead and so is Windows RT/phones
its 2007 and google isnt the monster it ended up becoming just yet.
if it was more recent theyd be talking about google way way more.


bought my first six months worth of games today.

Anthem, Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, and The Division 2 Gold Edition.


So I just got a new PC monitor, I didn’t realize how big a 32" as a monitor. The screen stretches to almost to the start of my peripheral vision

Here the Monitor, an re-branded Samsung 32" 1440p monitor with free sync


So, i do enjoy PC gaming, especially MMO experience like WoW, Eve online and other. You can’t have that on a consoles. WoW was cool about 8 years ago, when i was killing Arthas after school with a raid and it was such a thriller experience. And Eve online - playing it for 6 years with big pauses and like it a lot.



I’m amazed that DBFZ is only 6gb…


i finally figured out the exact reason why my laptop with Win7 keeps giving me that “this pc doesnt have valid ip address” problem.

its because when i set up, connected my new router with it months ago, and connected it i made the mistake of putting in the network public instead of home for the wifi network. but i have no clue how to fix it. it wont let me switch its wifi network to home group now.
no matter what i do.
mind you, i have it connected by ethernet now, with wifi disabled.
and by ethernet its in home group which doesnt give me connectivity issues. but when i turn wifi on it automatically goes to public group instead of home. cant change it either.
perhaps the problem is my other desktop pc is always on 24/7 including when i use my laptop.
maybe thats why it wont let me switch wifi from public to home. idk.
if this laptop was win10 this wuldnt even be an issue.
with my old router this never occured. its been happening ever since i upgraded the router.
i think win 7 might be too old for it or something. oh well.
i hate windows 7.


The actual quality of the models is apparently about Dreamcast level, all the graphical pop is shading, coloring and after effects.


This might help


Free game on Steam…


One more IT certification down. Passed the CCNA today. Hopefully this will help me not get stuck in Helpdesk and move me into a junior Network Admin/Engineer role.




Thanks. I’ve put off a lot of stuff over the last few months to study. The last new game I touched was Monster Hunter when it came out on PC. Feels like a weight has been lifted. So many games to play.


Honestly what I should be doing…


so, any thoughts about Metro Exodus leaving Steam to be sold on Epic Games Store for one year exclusively?


I’ll have to wait a year to play it.