The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


My thoughts on the Epic Client are similar to what Steam was when it first started out (I’m seriously dating myself by knowing that), and that it’s absolute booboo. It’ll improve in time of course, but even without the features Steam has right now, they’re on track.


Guess I am not getting it


the biggest issue with the epic launcher are that you can, outside of the game which have a retail version, not buy the games anywhere else so no % of cheap keys like you might get for steam keys on several stores. metro has a retail version so you find cheaper epic store keys but as i said that just works out for games which might get a retail build.


King of Fighters 98 Final, 02 Unlimited, and 13 for $8 today. Hell of a deal on the best games in the series.


Phoenix, The Falcon has landed. :coffee:


That is a cool case


Redownloading all of my software, as I type this, lol.

Steam, iTunes, and everything of greater consequence (Corel, Clips, etc, et al).


Heathen. itunes…ah man my hatred of itunes runs deep. If I could kill it I would do it in the most inhumane fashion imaginable.


How does the case stay cool? Are the fans mounted on the side? bottom?


I fucking LOVE iPods.

Until something comes along that is a superior exercise music player, I will tolerate iTunes.

Apple can go eat a dick and fall from grace, 'doe.


The processor is liquid cooled, and it has fans built into the door, and whatnot.

*mounted into the door… they are removeable, 'natch


I think it’s about time I replace this Geforce GTX 760 card…5 years is long enough.


So… 2080 Ti 11GB Founders, then? :coffee:


For the top dollar card, I would agree

The Radeon 7 dont look promising at their price point.


I’m willing to spend $200 at most right now…


I would recommend a RX 580 for that money. You can two free games on top of it. Looking at Newegg right now, you can get a Power Color RX 580 for $179.


For. budget build, Radeon 580 is where its at.
You can run most stuff reasonably well in 1080p @60 fps.


Last time I looked there were two damn good ones as well- RE2 remake and DMCV. I considered buying a cheap 570 and flipping it just to get the games at a discount.


He can go up to 1440P and get 60 fps with that card. If he got a high refresh monitor he can get triple digits on 1080P


True, but for most folks 1080 @ 60 fps is standard.

By the way my new monitor died, 12 days man.


RX580 is the way to go. I have the older 480 and it handles anything at 1080p/60fps just fine. Thankfully $200 gets you more choices than it did a couple months ago.