The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


So apparently I already own the Flame in the Flood.

If anyone wants my humble copy…let me know.


Stories: The Path of Destinies is currently free on Steam…


More free games…


how do you run compatability issues in Windows 10? cuz if you remember in Win 7 you could right click a game file and it’ll fix the performance issues.
but i dont see that option in Win10
Spec Ops The Line is giving me fatal errors when the game was working just fine before the latest Windows 10 update.


You have to find the application(.exe) file in file explorer. You right click on that and chose properties, then click the compatibility tab. There you will find a check box to run in certain compatiblily modes.

Make sure you’re clicking on the .exe file and not just the folder that contains the .exe.

Looks something like this:


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I been looking into getting a new monitor as I ordered a new PC and I’m gonna new a monitor to take advantage of my new rig horsepower. I’m looking at 1440p and at least 144Hz with g-sync. Current 4K monitors only goes up to 60Hz and the 144Hz ones coming next month will be $2000. I don’t have that of money.


This is the monitor I’m thinking of purchasing

Would this still be good for fighters? It has the refresh rate I want but the slight laggy response time has me worried.


Displaylag rates it as “Excellent” with 12ms of input lag.
Most of those BenQ/Zowie “esports” monitors come in around 10ms input lag.
With an IPS display you give up a little response time for better colors and viewing angle over a TN display.
Most big screen TVs come in around 20-40ms.


Thanks for the resurgence. I didn’t want to go with a Zowie as it’s a TN panel and being 1080p. I want good performance when playing my games but I don’t want them to look like shit in the process.


Fortified is free on Steam until 6/8/18…


Quake Champions is free until 6/17/18…


Shame on you Intel.


Every tech site and YouTube channel who knows their shit fucking rekt Intel for that. Based AMD putting their backs against the wall to get them to pull a stint like this.


Layers of Fear is free on Steam for a limited time…


Shadowrun Returns free for a limited time at the Humble Bundle…


Intel CEO quits


I took my A+ certification exams last week. I passed both. On the second exam(the software/OS exam), Windows Update interrupted me. It wanted me to restart so it could finish installing updates. For a second I thought it was part of the exam :rofl:


Fuck Apple


Hacknet is free until 7/14 on Steam…