The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


I was gonna say something along the lines of “wtf, they got a 850 already?” :rofl:


So it looked like Nvidia cards work with Freesync even before the driver update, it was just Nvidia locking down their hardware to only run on more expensive G-sync monitors

Looks like 99% of Freesync monitors work fine, that the few incompatible monitors (those who stutter or get a darker image) have issues with AMD’s Freesync as well.


Aight…no need to buy an Xbone.


Did they fix it or is still broken?


It supposedly works well on consoles. I wonder though if they’re gonna implement any of the Slipstream engine stuff into the PC version, since they’re aiming for 4K res or will this just be a port of the One X version.


It should be a port as the Xbox One runs on a variant of Windows 10.
Any bs extra installs for Xbox would just be BS on Ms part.



What’s the point of giving windows 7 DX12 support when it’s dying next year?


Yep…seems redundant.


you really believe no one is going to use win7 after next year?


im still using win7 on one pc laptop. but its not by choice. i keep getting an error in installing win10 and it just reverts back to 7. worst thing is it doesnt show me the error report.
fuck it. its an old pc. good. but old. i have 3 other pc. its no biggie.


I’m sure there will be people that will continue to use it but it will come at a risk. I can’t fucks with an OS that will no longer be supported.


Yo…free game.


Man I still have XP on one of my PCs.


XP is the goat OS


How many PCs do you have?



I have 4 of them. None of them are impressive, don’t get it twisted.


Its not too hard to have multiple computers.
Especially if you have neighborhoods who throw out whole systems with ether nothing wrong with them or it’s a easy/cheap fix. And some peeps goes though laptops like underwear, if you dont care the laptop is old and busted but still works you got your self a laptop.

Also when it comes to old/older PC games a older machine works better than a new machine with emulators. Some early windows based PC games can only do software mode, running worst on modern hardware than the hardware it was intended for.



I rather figured the XP machine was a MAME box.

I don’t call laptops PCs.

I have both a PC and a laptop.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is an obscenely impressive art machine, for the cost.

Wacom EMR ftw.