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So I did a CPU/mobo swap and now Windows won’t authenticate my Pro key, but won’t let me rollback to Home (says the license is for Home but reinstalling doesn’t give me that option via DL or USB). Guess I gotta find an iso or go key shopping again

Edit: Was able to activate the Home digital license tied to my MS account after reinstalling and skipping the key process. I guess I just thought the product key I was using was tied to that license. Oh well.

Call Microsoft and get it manually activated.


We started to finally get a US supplier of Factal designs Defied R6 parts.

Ordered some matching HDD drive sleds and their USB C upgrade panel

Do they also have Define R5 parts on the US store?

I found mine on Amazon

So I double check, they have a EU, German base store .
Amazon started to carry parts for the R6

What you need for the R5?

mainly the side panels. I would have bought them from the EU store, but that EU to USD conversion makes me die inside :frowning:

I did find this

left panel is there, I still need a right panel; which they don’t have.

Best I can do

All really shit prices too

Humble giving a free game…


Wife gave the okay for a new GPU. Gonna probably go with the EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 2070.

Shits gonna look so crispy.

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click play bottom on bottom right of image to play vid

picked up my RTX 2070 yesterday ahead of schedule. The wife was a little unhappy about it, but understood that I was going to pay $50-60 more if I didn’t get it then.

It’ll be installed my next set of days off.

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I put my RTX 2070 in earlier today, and I’ll be damned if it’s not really good. Haven’t put an OC in yet and it’s close to 60fps at Max settings in every RTX game I have access to.

Here’s some sample benchmarks from a couple of the games I own that have RTX features. As you can tell, Metro’s renderer is more taxing than the renderer used for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Overclock is + 125 on core, + 750 on memory as a start.

Metro and Shadow of the Tomb Raider use RTX for different effects. Metro uses it for global illumination while Tomb Raider uses it for natural shadows.

I know that having ultra raytracing on in SoTTR about made my system cry, especially benchmarking the jungle scene. It actually dropped below 30 with AA maxed out all the way, so I kicked it back one notch to SMAA2TX and that’s where the above pic came out at.

So what better G sync or free sync?

According to this, the Free Sync Monitor perform overall better at a fraction of the costs.