The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants



Coincidentally the final boss is Akuma…


i saw that Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie recently.
i sincerely think Jobs was a madman. genius. but insane. refusing to acknowledge his daughter for years and screwing founding members out of their cut was scumbaggy as fuck.
and the whole making the greatest home pc the 1st mac, was an achievement, but useless since no one bought it cause of how expensive it was.
but sadly the movie never answered why apple in those 1980s years insisted on making apple products incompatible with non apple devices. which held that company back more than anything.


LawBreakers is dead. It will be free to play until the day it goes down for good, September 14, 2018. They announced this last month, but I just heard about it today. Which goes to show just how fast it fell off. I might try it out of curiosity. Quake Champions has been awful since the E3 update.