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Coincidentally the final boss is Akuma…


i saw that Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie recently.
i sincerely think Jobs was a madman. genius. but insane. refusing to acknowledge his daughter for years and screwing founding members out of their cut was scumbaggy as fuck.
and the whole making the greatest home pc the 1st mac, was an achievement, but useless since no one bought it cause of how expensive it was.
but sadly the movie never answered why apple in those 1980s years insisted on making apple products incompatible with non apple devices. which held that company back more than anything.


LawBreakers is dead. It will be free to play until the day it goes down for good, September 14, 2018. They announced this last month, but I just heard about it today. Which goes to show just how fast it fell off. I might try it out of curiosity. Quake Champions has been awful since the E3 update.


I might have a bad motherboard. I keep getting a USB over current error and my PC shut down 15 seconds later. I can’t get the PC to boot unless I disconnect the front I/O from the motherboard. The checked the connectors on the ports and the pins and nothing looks damaged. When I reconnect it everything works as normal until it happens again.


Free Guns of Icarus this weekend…


Post #47 is technically first page, right?

Grim Dawn is awesome.

Get on it.


What mouse do you guys use?

Only asking since my MX Master died today :cry: and got me curious of what you guys use. Don’t really play any competitive games on PC so having a wireless mouse is fine for me. I’m probably going to buy another one since I really liked it and gotten use to it after using it for like 3 years.

Right now, I’m using a random mouse I bought on eBay a long time ago. It’s okay, only real issues is that I have to configure the DPI every time I put my computer to sleep and wake up also the back button double clicks.


I use a Logitech G502. I brought two years ago when the left click on my previous mouse wouldn’t register inputs. It’s a great mouse and I haven’t had any issues with it.



lmao what the fuck was that shit? Good god wtf?


Was there any device that was plugged in that could have caused this problem, or does it just start happening randomly?

I’d try to rule out the case front I/O cables first, if possible. Can you put your motherboard in a different case? Maybe there’s a problem with the front I/O cable that is causing a short. Do you have multiple USB2.0/3.0 headers on your motherboard that you could try?

I use a cheap $10 “gaming” mouse. Red Dragon Centrophorus. It has adjustable weights. I like my mouse heavy. It has an on the fly DPI switch. The only thing I dont like is the really bright red LED lighting that you cant turn off.


I think it was Yogurt from the video.

You see Louis gives no fucks as he places that Laptop into that trash bag.


It started happening randomly. I didn’t have any device connected on the front USBs when it happened. I don’t have another case to put the motherboard on. My motherboard only has one header for each USB type. It’s currently connected to the USB 3.1 header.


That rules out a device causing the problem. If you can’t test with another case, then the motherboard is the only other offender.

The only other way I can think of to rule out the case I/O is to buy a cheap usb 3.1 20pin to Type A female splitter(Ycable) , and see if that still knocks out your PC.

This is assuming your usb 3.1 header is the older Gen 1 version. Looks like this:


That’s exactly how my USB 3.1 header looks.

I could try using a cable to see if that’s the problem. The warranty is still good on it so I have that to fall back on.


hmmm. ive been experiencing crashes since the last windows 10 critical update of 7/10/18.
im trying to do a system restore point right now but things arent looking good.
before then my pc was running smooth as silk.


whats worse is i forgot to make a back up disc of windows 10.



If you can download windows 10 for free on microsoft site. If you have a flash drive laying around you can turn it into an installer.


idk if i can since i upgraded from 7 to 10. and none of my 3 pcs came with win 10 pre-installed.
thats not the issue since i have a win 7 disc if all else fails and later maybe upgrade through the “backdoor” loophole like i originally used to install win 10 after it stopping being a free download.

its just that i dont wanna go through all that huge hassle man.

my pc is…stuck on initiliazing system restore green screen for well over an hour now and…hold on.
its restarting!

im gonna create a windows 10 system repair disc, right, fucking, noowww