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pc is back on but i got a system error.
unexpected error occured
system restore could not access file. probably due to a anti-virus program but i dont have one. hmm.
error number is (0x80070005)

i cant create a system recovery disc since that option, no longer available since this is modern win 10. like you say i need a flash drive of at least 8 gb. screw it i’ll leave it for later then.

btw, is there a way to see the win 10 digital license on my pc?
theres no product key for win 10 if you upgrade from win 7 to 10…only a digital license but i havent found the way to see it on my pc if even possible.


shit pc crashed again.
it only happens while playing video, whether streaming or vid from my video library/wmv.

could this be my graphics card?


I used Belarc Advisor to find my Windows key way before I started building my PC’s. If you end up needing a new key, check Play-Asia, you can usually get OEM keys dirt cheap there (I’ve seen them as low as about $12).
FWIW, the last time I had a problem like that was before building, and it ended up being the hard drive.


From my understanding, the digital license gets tied to the motherboard much like an OEM version. You should be able to clean install Windows 10, even if this was a Windows 7 upgrade, as long as the motherboard is the same. Also, I believe that Windows 10 uses the Windows 7 product key as its activation key when done from an upgraded installation.

People still report being able to use Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 keys to activate 10. Also the version of Windows has to match. For example, WIn 7 Home Premium to Win 10 Home, or Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro.


so last night i downloaded the HP diagnostic tool. everything passed regarding hardware so it was a software at fault.
i then did a system maintainance check using windows in settings…took a while but it fixed whatever was wrong with it but it did a system restore
back to 6 months ago because after the system maintainence check i noticed my desktop wallpaper got reverted back to the one i used from 6 months ago.


@PresidentCamacho can you give me a link to the play-asia oem key because i searched the site and nothing came up


@Fatal_Error_XI thats interesting you say that. i just noticed i have win 10 pro but i dont remember if i had win 7 pro or home.


At least your files were saved.

I tend to make a backup whenever I install a large program or two.

Old habits.

Thanks, Windows!*

*It’s almost always Lupus/Windows.


Go to a grey market site like SCD keys and kinguin if you want cheap windows keys.


Looks like they don’t have them anymore, sorry for the outdated advice.


Quake Champions is now officially free to play on Steam.


If i install a secondary cpu into my pc to accompany the cpu already there, what exactly happens? Meaning, does the pc use both simultaneously? Or does it auto switch back and forth between the two? or does it negate the one with lower processing power altogether?
And can they be different in brands? One intel and the other AMD?


Not sure if this a joke post or not. Motherboards only have one slot for a CPU. If you are looking to upgrade you’ll probably need a new CPU and Motherboard. Probably memory too.


I believe there are motherboards with 2 CPU slots…but not sure if it’s worth the money just for gaming.


no its not really for gaming and i have two slots


Dual GPU slots are common, perhaps that’s what you’re looking at? If so, not too many games make good use of SLI/Crossfire these days.


i have dual slots for gpu too, but no i have dual slots for cpu too


What kind of mobo is it? What’s the socket type?


LGA1366 dual socket

this pic isnt of mine but same model


Man, that’s an old system- you would be massively better off with a new build.