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Multi-processor motherboards are a thing, usually used in Servers. Not to be confused with Multi-Core, which is multiple CPUs on the same processor die.

When using a Multi-processor motherboard with only 1 CPU, you have to plug a terminator module in the other socket. If you’re using more than 1 CPU, the CPUs must be the same and supported by the chipset. No mixing between AMD and Intel.


mmm. that clarifies alot. and yeah, its old af lol.


Free Orwell game…


Nvidia officially announced their next gen video cards. Geforce RTX 20 series. Focusing on ray tracing.

RTX 2080 Ti: $1,199
RTX 2080: $799
RTX 2070: $599

The 2080 and 2080Ti release around September 20th.

On paper, if I had a 1080 or 1080Ti, I wouldn’t bother upgrading. If I was in the market for 1080 or 1080Ti, I would wait for benchmarks.


New cards being released on my birthday. If I didn’t have a 1080ti I would jump on it. I’ll be waiting for the 2060 so I can use it on my nephew’s build.


Prices are crazy. I guess I will keep my 1070 this time and wait for 7nm.

Was looking forward to get a 2070 but for that price is dumb.


Jesus, that’s ridiculous. I wish AMD would step up their GPU game like they have with their CPUs.


I am waiting for benchmarks and Mariana Trench deep sales.

Fuck 'dat.

And fuck Bitcoin, whilst we are at it.

I hope it bankrupts ALL those cocksuckers who fucked the GPU market.


I was on newegg’s pre-order pages and a couple of the cards are sold out already. Miners are at it again. I hope all the new shit makes it shit at decoding hashes.


For Honor starter edition is free on steam


Hey so I don’t know much about pc parts so I need some help here. Friend of a friend is selling pc with the following specs. Lemme know if its worth it.

Windows 10
8gb ddr3 (16gb for +$80)
MSI RX 460 2gb (1050 ti for $150)
500gb hard drive (120gb ssd for $50)
EVGA white 500 watt power supply

Games I’d want it to run: SfV, WoW, Total war 2 warhammer


Definitely going to hold off on the RTX cards…and wait for the previous gen cards to drop so I can finally rock a 10 series card.


The RAM and CPU are dated. $150 is the price of a 1050ti brand new. If it’s used than your getting ripped off. This PC is perfectly fine for WoW. You will have to put your settings on medium to low at 1080 for SFV and Warhammer.

Yesterday I saw some retailers cut the price of 10 series cards by $200.


I’ve been undecided on what I should do to my PC for three weeks now. These RTX cards don’t seem too appealing but something is telling me to just continue holding out until the benchmarks are revealed. TBH I’m not even a fan of 4K @16:9, I prefer Ultrawide monitors.

My current PC:
i5 4690k
GTX 970 (MSI)

I’m thinking about upgrading to
I7 8700k
Forced to get new Motherboard
Forced to get new RAM
GTX 1080 ti

What I really want to know are the benchmarks for the 2070. I also need a new Ultrawide monitor preferably one that’s 3440 x 1440p (current one is 2560 x 1080p).


Benchmark embargos on the RTX cards gets lifted on September 14th. That’s little over two weeks from now. If they don’t impress then get a 10 series card. I’ve seen a couple selling below their MSRP since the announcement of RTX.


Yeah that’s the plan. Still not sire what to do about a monitor. 1080p would be a waste of money. I could do two(or one) 1440p monitors with one of them having a vertical feature or just get another ultrawide but they’re expensive as fuck and I’m pretty sure two monitors would save me a bit of money. If you got any to recommend go ahead and post them.


Is there anything else your looking for in a ultrawide besides resolution? The panel, adaptive sync, refresh rate?


I feel like if I’m going to upgrade to a 1080 ti it would be a complete waste of power if I stick with my current monitor that only supports 60hz. If would be better for me to grab a 1070 ti or 1080 instead and wait another 3 or so years for the 30 series as well as seeing where this Raytracing goes if I choose to stick with a 60hz monitor @ 1080p. So with that said I would definitely want something at 100hz minimum.

I would like to upgrade to a better Ultrawide monitor, but for my other options I’m willing to go with a two monitor setup. The main monitor being 2560 x 1440p while the other one can be 1920 x 1080p since it’s main use will be vertical display. 3440 x 1440p UltraWide monitors are hella expensive right now. I do have enough money to buy one but I’d prefer to spend my money more wisely. Also, Curved monitors are up for discussion/debate. GSync of course since last I checked NVidia cards doesn’t support Adaptive Sync although that may have changed.


When I brought my 1080ti I brought a new monitor along with it so I’m with you on that. This is the cheapest 1440p ultrawide I managed to find with G-sync

The stand looks ugly but should get the job done.


Seems it can be overclocked too. If I don’t find anything else this is what I’ll go with. That GSync price hike up. Fucking NVidia. Also have any of you ever sold your old equipment over Ebay, Amazon, anything? How was that experience?