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Got everything for my upgrade except the GPU. waiting for those official benchmark for the 2080/70.

@Hawkingbird I went with that monitor instead of a dual setup.


Glad to be of help.


omfg omfg omfg! every single time windows 10 gets a major update it screws up my google chrome so bad that using chrome causes my pc to crash so hard it even causes reboots without me even hitting a key or touching the power button.

what…da fuck?!?


That has never happened to me, no anyone i know of with windows 10.

Download your porn from safer locations.


it actually did a 2nd update and fixed itself. shrug shoulders.
and i dont download porn either lol. watch but never dl.


LOL, Fuck Crypto currencies

I knew this shit going to happen, now stay the fuck off my graphics cards


The market crashed pretty hard during the summer. Part of the reason why current cards drop to their MSRP prices. Here’s hoping the market stays in it’s downward spiral when RTX drops this week.


Crytpo going down horribly, in flames was a given to anyone with a smattering of sense and an iota of awareness of banking, much less modern history…which is to say of banking.

There was and remains absolutely NO way that the banks were going to allow a new imaginary form of money to move in on their monopoly, devaluing their own imaginary currency exchange scam.

The only people who are going to profit off of Bitcoin in the end, are those who brought it up, in order to manufacture its fall, and profit off of it.


The market for crypto-currency has been spread too thin and it remains in limbo due to a lack of initiative and marketing. After such a roller coaster period, I believe it is either going to be a niche accessory or die a slow death.


an ex gf of mine while we were together asked me about bitcoin. i explained it to her. then after i was done i told her not to be stupid and put her money into it because it wasnt safe.
i explained it wasnt a bank but more of a gamble because its not like a bank, in which your money is fdic insured. hope she actually listened.


Almost october again… is there any co-op zombie game that allows more than 4 players without mods?


Have any of you seen this crap? Prepare yourself before pressing the play button.

Thermal paste nearly slayed me. Dude thinks he’s in a bakery icing a got damn cake.


You know it’s bad when seasoned Stock traders ether all gone bust or avoid it like the plague, and both groups said to stay away from such a volatile market.

Problems is too many people without investment and economics experience and knowledge is investing in a extreme high risk market with at best dubious legality.

And all the signs are out there, None of the GPU and ASIC manufacturers will even touch crypto at all other than to gladly take your non-crypto currency. US Banks are refusing Crypto related transactions (autodenied for both buying and selling) and refusing loans to anyone who’s primary income is crypto.
China, India, Iceland and a few other countries have Crypto bans or hard restrictions on Crypto.

In the US the IRS treats Bitcoin as property, online transactions using the cryptocurrency are subject to capital gains tax. The IRS expects you to pay on your earnings.
What the IRS is really looking for is the value when you make any transaction for goods or services or when you exchange Crypto for real currency. This is a dicey legal headache for both the people getting audited and the IRS agents and it lead to years of expensive legal and financial issues for the person getting audited.


Someone made a Ban hammer in VR that works to ban people from Twitch streams


dont let @Pertho see that. he’ll catch a hard on for making his mjolnir into a 3D reality


The benchmarks for 2080 and 2080ti


RTX 2080 performance is comparable to a 1080ti. 2080ti is strong performer and it’s easily capable of getting FPS higher than 60 on 4K. While having a 15-30% increase in performance on avenge compared to it’s predecessor the price doesn’t make it worth it. Especially since it’s main selling point isn’t being supported right now.


Sounds good, I just wait for the partner cards.
I tend to avoid Reference cards (or Nvidia wants to call “Founders Edition”) as they tend to have terrible cooling.


I always went with the reference cards because I like the blower fans. I like having a cooling solution that isn’t dependent on my case cooling and exhaust the hot air through the backplate. I think MSI is the only partner right now that has a blower card and that thing is massive. All the partner cards have massive coolers. Gigabyte is the only partner that offers one that won’t take up more than 2 slots.


I saw this

The Verge is never allowed to give PC advice again

Also we need some one doing a bad Asian accent to make fun of the video