The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


The most amazing thing about that video is that it was actually sponsored. Without that Capital One logo, you’d think it was a skit or something. The only thing he got right was recommending a table.

My favorite part was him drilling through the radiator with long screws, while assuring you that all that resistance is normal.


An interesting video if you’re into IT. A look at some decommissioned rack mounted servers.


One of the better reaction videos yet

A How it should of been done, using the same case and similar parts.


I just Tweak my Desktop PC a bit

Put in slightly faster Ram (from 2666 to 3200), Bios Firmware update and a Fresh Overclock (got another 0.5Ghz out of the CPU)

Here is the Results I got from Heaven Benchmark.


Jesus, that’s a big difference in the minimum FPS. What that low min FPS repeatable


There the beginning of one scene (a huge scene transition) of the benchmark that always drops my FPS.
It’s like for only a frame maybe a frame and a half of time, but it always took a dive.

at 9.4 FPS it’s noticeable, 38.9 FPS not so much as its always the beginning of this one scene.
I actually had to turn the Overclock back down from 4.1 to 4.08 as it started to lock up after a while.
I also made the fan cooling a bit more aggressive.

Here is my new results with the more aggressive cooling


These games free on Steam until 10/4/2018…


More free games…


Apple’s shadiness exposed on camera


They aint geniuses


I was just asking about shit like this in discord the other day. My laptop fucked up, it wouldn’t turn on. I did all kinda trouble shooting but couldn’t figure it out. I was thinking of sending it in to get repaired but decided to have one more look with a magnifying glass. Figured out the problem and my laptop works again.

I just wonder if I had sent it away to be diagnosed/fixed if they would have charged me a shit load for BS stuffs along with fixing my issue.

P.S. Issue was with the power button. The contacts on the ribbon that connect to the power button were bent away from the damn thing. I bent’em back but it didn’t power on because one was missing. I used a flat head screw driver to “bridge” the gap and turn the fucker on.


2018-10-16_121102 2018-10-16_121430
new router and modem.
two pcs.
on at the same time.
pc with windows 10 connected via ethernet, other pc windows 7 connected via wifi.
pc with win10 connected by ethernet never gives me pop up about ip conflict. saying 2 computers sharing same ip address. only 2nd pc win 7 connect by wifi giving me this pop up
how fix?


I’m assuming you’re set up to get your ip addresses automatically from DHCP.

Turn both PCs on

On the windows 7 PC:
Click the windows Icon on the bottom left of the task bar.

In the search bar at the bottom, type cmd

When the command prompt opens, type ipconfig /release

After that, type ipconfig /renew

wait a bit, and dhcp should assign a new ip address

those command are supposed to have a space between ipconfig and /release/renew


didnt work. i get either two error messages.





Are you sure that the wireless adapter on the Windows 7 machine is set to receive its ip address automatically?

Open Control Panel, Click on Network

Click Network and Sharing Center

Click change adapter settings(it’s listed on the left)

Right click on the wireless adapter, choose properties

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

Click properties

Is the option “Obtain an IP address automatically” selected?

or is there a manually entered address there?


Why I always buy AMD.


Apple didn’t like that news piece CBC did on them. Now they’re fucking with his business


wow. thats low down.


Alan Wake returns to PC…with a discount until November.


Metro 20133 free on Steam for about 5 more hours…