The PC Gaming Thread Phase II, The Masters of Gaming. No console peasants


Link on steam, so you can avoid the loop of click bait articles

or just open your steam app and search for Metro 2033


Murderous Pursuits is free until 10/29/18…


Destiny 2 is free on PC until November 18th.


This is awesome. Glad it’s not just a lazy HD remaster. WC3 was so great this is probably better than making a WC4.


I’m down for a WC3 remake…


Diablo mobile game :confused:

WC3 remaster looks good. New overwatch hero can ADS which is neat.


this worked but its missing a few more steps.

after renew type in ipconfig/all hit enter
after thats done close the cmd window and restart pc.
then it works.


ipconfig /all will just list your network adapters current settings.
Restarting most likely forced another DHCP negotiation, which isn’t always instant, since there’s a bit of a back and forth between your PC and Modem.


Newegg has a Power Color Red Dragon Vega 56 on sale right now for $329. I almost jumped at this but saw the card won’t fit in the ITX machine I want to build. Fucking hell.


Base Destiny 2 is free on until Nov 18th .


Base Destiny 2 is scrap.

The only part worth playing is the Expansion

Which still costs… which is the point of this sale.

Because ain’t nobody paying for 'dat base game.



What is the current go-to ideal for building up a rig, CPU, GPU, motherboard, case, etc?

I have been out of the loop for a spell, and I see lots of different core setups (yes pun).


What you want your rig to do and what’s your budget?


Games 'n Graphics.

Budget is fairly open.

Nothing insane… not looking to drop a dimeK, no matter how punchy.


If your going to strictly game then Intel is the CPU to get. You’ll squeeze a few extra frames with their higher clockspeeds. They just recently released their 9th gen Core CPUs but they’re a refresh of the previous generation now with 8 cores and costing twice as much. You’ll be better off with a 8700K

GPU, definitely Nvidia’s 10 series. The new RTX cards are horrible value with 2080 and 2070 being comparable in performance with the 1080ti and vanilla 1080 respectively. If you can find a 1080ti it will give you the most bang for your buck. I’ll only go with AMD if you want a midtier card like the RX 580, want free sync as it’s cheaper than G-sync or want to mine.

As for cases, can’t wrong with anything by Phanteks, NZXT and Fractal Design. If you want specific cases the Phanteks Eclipse, NZXT H500 and Fractal Design Meshify C are the popular choices of each company.


I always used to like HAF cases.

Are they still legit?


There hasn’t been any new HAF cases in a while. Don’t know how they would stack up against modern cases.


Also utilize PC part picker, they help with compatibility and show you where to get those parts at the best price.


Another great resource for researching parts are Intel’s Ark and AMD’s Resource Center. I use it a lot for comparing system requirements with my PC. For example, a game might list an older i7 that I’ll need to compare to my newer i5.


can you believe the damn pc after fixing it on occassion keeps giving me the same damn error message of 2 ip addresses.
jeez man.
perhaps the reason is this.
i tried installing but…


im at a loss what to do.
this is 100% a windows 7 issue because my other 2 windows 10 pcs dont give me any issues with my new router/modem