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IP Conflicts are usually caused for a few simple reasons: Overlapping static addresses. Somewhere you have a static address that is not excluded from your DHCP scope. Your routers DHCP scope might be set too small. A laptop went into sleep/hibernation and woke in a different network. Having multiple adapters. Having an alternate ip address configured incorrectly. You might have your router and modem both running DHCP. Router/Modem needs a firmware update.

Most ip conflicts sort themselves out. If it keeps happening, then you have something configured wrong somewhere.

If you’re not using that Virtual Wifi miniport, then I would disable it.

I’d go into your routers configuration page, and make sure your LAN is configured correctly. My router from Verizon shows me every device that has connected to it and gives me their ip and MAC addresses.

Next time you see an ip conflict error, go into command prompt and run ipconfig /all , on each machine and see what ip addresses you are getting/ see where the conflict is happening.


i just found out i cant access my new router yet. dont know why. maybe next billing cycle?


Demand the password or threaten to cancel your service.

When i got FioS some years ago the guy came out, set up the shit and then never gave us the fucking passwords for any of it. To get into the modem, to access the internet, fucking nothing. When we called them asking for it they refused to give it to us. Canceled the service right then and there. Once i said i no longer wanted the service they folded and where like “Oh no wait here’s the password, here’s the password” but i told em to fuck off, continued to cancel the service and went back to my old Cable provider.

These companies generally fold like the pathetic bitches they are once you threaten to revoke their stupid ass 60+ bucks a month


The username and password for Verizon routers are printed on a sticker that’s on the side or bottom of the router.

The default username is usually “admin” (without quotations). That’s how it is for me.
The password should be printed on the side.

Your default WifI credentials should also be listed there. Your SSID and Wifi Password.

You shouldn’t need an active WAN account to set up your LAN. Look up your routers config ip address and enter it into a browser. For example, my Verizon routers config address is


Yea i know, they weren’t there, hence calling up Version. Even if it was down there, why wouldnt the girl on the phone tell me that instead of saying she cant give me the password, I verified i was the owner of the account and everything. Naw fuck those assholes.


I’m mad as fuck. I brought a RX 580 a week ago for a build I’m making for my nephew. I see today that AMD is offering a new game bundle with the purchase of their cards for the launch of the RX 590. REmake 2 and DMC5 are part of that bundle. If I just waited a week I could have gotten them. Fuck me


Thats the trap, and there little way of knowing.
Also the other end of the problem is if you keep waiting for the better deal, you sometimes never pull that trigger.


You should be within a return window.


it wouldn’t hurt to try and return it. Depending on where you bought it, it might not be a problem at all, assuming you kept the box, manual, cables etc. If they require a reason, I would say the card didn’t fit the case/motherboard.

November 1st is the start of Holiday return windows for a lot of retailers. They are usually more lenient.


I haven’t started to build yet so I could return it but I’m not going to do that. I don’t want these games badly enough to do it. Even though those cards are $10 less now.


I would.

If I were willing to go AMD, I’d do it without blinking.


Free Sins of a Solar Empire from Humble Bundle store…need to subscribe to their newsletter first though.


I can’t find any 1080ti.

I am thinking of just having one built, like DigitalStorm, or the like, for the convenience.

Nowhere seems to have 1080s.

The prime hike is cray cray, indeed, for a 2070, much less a 2080.

…how is AMD, these days?

Prolly ought to go By Isis regardless, for faux workstation design purposes.


2 1070ti are cheaper than 1 2080ti lmao.


You won’t find any 1080tis. The stock is nearly sold out and Nvidia stopped producing them a while ago. You’ll need to get a 2080 if you want a card of comparable performance. Vanilla 1080s are still readily available. Gigabyte cards are the cheapest ones you can get.

AMD as far as graphics goes ain’t got nothing to offer on the high end. I’ll give them a look if you want something midtier. I’ve RX 580 outperform the 1060 6G in recent benchmarks in games that don’t run on unreal 4. I’ll fuck with them when it comes with CPUs.


Anyone purchase from cdkeys before and experienced them saying your purchase is not yet available for download, please come back shortly?


Best Empire building RTS game there is


bought there several times. no need to worry with them. might take a while before you get the code. i guess its a already released title?


you’re goddamn right.


I actually already have the game, so if someone who missed the deadline wants a code still, hit me up.


Yeah got the code about 11 hours later. Monster hunter world to be exact. I was ready to play it all night, but no big deal. $37 vs $60(on steam) is worth the wait.