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So I recently got a gaming pc and im loving steam lately. Ive been playing a lot of Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands. Ive only had my pc for about 3 months but due to the awsomeness that is Steam I have picked up about 20 or 25 games since then. The only problem I have is I dont have any motherfuckin’ friends to play that shit with. It gets lonely by yourself.

So if you play shit on Steam post in here, talk about games you’re playing, rant about games you’re playing, post them deals and just make some friends for that shit. Good times!

Steam deal right now is Worms Reloaded for 9.99. Im not into that so its not something im interested in but someone else might be.

Edit - Oh yeah, my Steam I.D. is…you guessed it, Drizzt519.

p.s. if there is a thread like this im sorry. I did a search and looked through like 5 pages but didnt find nothing but the TF2 thread. And most of them motherfuckers that post in that thread aint ever playing that shit.

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Think about building/buying a gaming pc?

Yeah I know…


I still play! :smiley: Hell, I wish there was an SRK server in the first place!

I’ll send you an invite to the SRK group!


I really hate the search on this site. That shit did not pop up for me. Maybe I should have gone further than page 5. Like I said, im sorry.

I think im in the SRK group, but every time I look there is only like 3 people playing or so and the one time I joined a game it was people just standing across from eachother in a box like room, blasting away. Very boring.

Yo! Geese Pants arent you a mod or something. Close this bitch and I’ll hit up that other thread.


Well this is a site for people who primarily play fighting games. Most of which are only available on consoles. You can help spread the word though.


I signed up for Steam last week. Shit is awesome. Got Half Life, Audiosurf, and Oddworld Strangers Wrath. Got stuck in Half Life bout 15 minutes in and Audiosurf has dominated my time cuz it + Weed as a K.O. Haven’t touched Oddworld yet tho.


Audiosurf is old news. It’s all about that Beat Hazard shit! >:D


Well, there is a TF2 SRK Server and I have it logged or whatever you call it. And going by the thread you would think a lot of people play that shit but no one ever is. And fuck that shit about fighting games, only a handfull of people in GD play them things.


Beat Hazard?


A lot of people play PC games here but they just don’t happen to be on Steam (SC2, WOW, LoL, etc.) Most stop playing older games after awhile anyway.

And are you sure that’s the official SRK server? It might just be an ip of someone elses.


I really dont know. I just hit up the TF2 thread when I got my pc and TF2 and looked at the last 3 or 4 pages and they was talking about an SRK server and I joined it but only like 3 people are on it at any given time. Im still new to pc gaming so I dont know how all that server stuff works. Im use to consoles, where there are no servers to look for.

As for them deals, I have bought so many games due to them. Mostly old games but hell, at the price they ask you just cant go wrong. I would buy new games that have multiplayer or co-op if I had people to play that shit with but I dont. I have like 7 people on my friends list. One of them is my buddy and the rest are people he plays WoW with. And they dont play nothing but wow and wow like games like LOL and I just aint into MMO’s anymore.


borderlands was an awesome game… if i had had more people to play with while i was into it would have played it sooo much more.


Word, I played through it with both the hunter and the siren on the xbox. Shit was only 7.99 for the GOTY version on steam so I couldnt pass it up. them deals.


He never mentioned that it was an SRK server. If you go to the IP, the server is actually called The Coloured Pylons. And I’d rather have vanilla rotation anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a demo for it! :smiley:


Whatever the fuck man. I already told that motherfucker to close this bitch up and im only posting cause you keep posting. lol


We used to do dedicated gaming nights for TF2, and put up an announcement in the steam group and try to get people to join up. We can try to schedule one again, I think people play TF2 less frequently but a lot of us would be willing to dust off the game and play if something was organized

I can post an announcement if we can come up with a time/date that most people can make


Yeah, I would be down for that for sure. I havent played TF2 much since I got it because of the daunting task if figuring out what server and server type to play on. That shit truly confuses me.

Any day is good for me as long as it starts at around 8 or 9 pst. Its hard for me to get on before that with the family and all. I know 8 or 9 pst isnt a good time for a lot of people either so I dunno. I could play earlier if needed, I generally just like to wait till the kids are in bed.


Sounds epic! Count me in!

I play mostly on SourceOP servers, but it is usually crowded as hell. Also the occasional TF2ware mod :slight_smile:


left4dead 2 $6.80 today


Bumping this because this is the closet thing to a PC general thread I can find. I’m late on it but I just found that Gotham City Imposters is free to play. I enjoyed what I played of it at a friend’s house so I’m gotta give the game a shot.