The PC gaming Thread. Steam/GOG/Origin/Etc. Game/Software/Hardware talk

Xcom, i can’t remember any others tbh. I’m hoping system shock gets voted up, though i feel like a lot of people will have it already

I logged onto my PC, saw GTA for $5, added it to my Cart, clicked My Cart, got the error. Tried every 15 to 30 minutes after that until the sale ended. Wasn’t able to get in up to the last 15 mins of the sale, so I said fuck it.

If RPG Maker VX Ace was like 80% off, I’d cop it. I used to be big into the homebrew traditional RPG development scene. Worked on a few games, and it was a blast. I was heavy into the XP version back in 2005/2006, and kinda fell out of the scene right when the original VX came out. The community is kind of crappy, but the RPG Maker software itself if a powerful tool. If you are good at coding/programming and can create your own resources, you can make whatever you want. Even MMOs. And if your final product is a hit, you can go commercial. Maybe even sell that sumbitch on Steam.

This is me:


@SWBeta Hey so GTAIV is on sale again for $5 as a daily deal instead of a flash sale

also not sure I have you on my steam friends list beta

How is dark souls its on sale and wondering if its worth getting.

I would say if you have a passing interest in it you should pick it up. I have it for PS3 (probably like 60ish hours there) and got it when it went on sale for the first time. I think it has the best combat of any ARPG I’ve seen, that’s just an opinion of mine the ‘endurance meter’ makes every fight super tense. If you want to read more we’ve got a thread for it: Demon’s/Dark Souls Thread. Dark Souls II!

Also my buddy, who has some pretty good taste in games imo, messaged me the minute he saw me log onto it saying its his favorite single player game of the last 10 years.

It depends on what you like. Combat and stat&equipment customization are top tier imo. I am still a newb in terms of DS though so I would ask for people’s opinions in the thread

I would get Dark Souls for ten bucks or less, in fact, I did. But I would suggest playing it with a controler and downloading dsfix.

I copped that shit with the quickness as soon as the deals changed :tup:

What’s your Steam ID?

I had no idea about this. Will have to check it out when I get home.

Yo, holy shit, I think I need to upgrade my graphics card. My stock PC can barely run Tomb Raider at Normal settings on fullscreen 1080p.

I don’t know shit about computers and/or upgrading them, but I have a buddy that does. What’s a recommended gfx card to get to run TR buttery smooth at Normal settings at fullscreen 1080p?

Let me know if you need any info. Thanks in advance :china:

What kinda computer you got? Not some dell or something right? Anyhow, there are all kinda graphics cards. Look at newegg and read the feedback and shit.

I need to upgrade my ram.

Exodus - dsfix is great. Game ran like crap then I applied that fix and it runs great.

dsfix made Dark Souls have better graphics and such too, right?

Normal settings? GTFO. Might as well play it on console for the same experience.

All jokes aside, drop your resolution. Run that shit in 480/720p, turn off V-sync and maybe some Direct X11 features if possible to get a huge boost in performance.

^ Most bang for your buck card right now imo. I linked it on the last page too, it’s a top-of-the-line card without breaking the bank @ 500-1000 bucks.

^ Really solid cards for 150-200 bucks. These days, more games rely on a really good processor to keep framerates high. This is something I wish I knew before I skimped on my processor.

I downloaded dark souls and tried to play it but everytime I ran the game it crashed and wouldn’t start. I’m pretty sure that my computer can run the game even though my video card is pretty weak. Could it be that since I’m on Windows 8 I would have a problem running the game? I just deleted the game and trying to download it again to see if I just had a problem with the install process.

Does it crash right when it starts up? Are you able to get to the options menu and such?

it crashes as soon as it starts up I dont see anything but a black screen it doesn’t even go full screen before closing.

PC port of Dark Souls is ass.


Anyhow, its probably windows 8. Here is a thread that may help you get it running.

I run DS on Win8 using the DSfix and 60fps unlocker and it is far better than the console versions.

With DSFix it becomes better than the console versions. 60 fps in blight town #1

Then theres mods


you can opt to make the game look even better within DSFix if you got a decent computer. From there it surpasses console versions graphically and framerate wise.

PC port is ass only without DSFix/Mouse fix for keyboard and mouse users very much playable with it