The PC was the worst platform for fighting games of all time


I don’t know how many shitty and obscure fighting games came out on the PC. But there’s a ton. Any investigation in the last “bad fighting game thread” will tell you that.

Was there any exclusive original fighting games ever released on the PC that were even encroaching quality? I’m talking about the 90’s. Late 80’s, to the early 90’s.

The only one that comes to mind is Sango Fighter.

Which I’m sure someone will correct me and let me know it was available for like, the TurboGraphx16 or something.

AGAIN. I meant fighting games that were specifically built FOR the PC, during the fighting game craze that took place on every platform at the same time.

animu fighters and MAME don’t count in this discussion. They’re great, but they’re specifically ain’t what I’m complaining about here.


Eternal Fighter Zero
Vanguard Princess
Immaterial and Missing Power
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Hisou Tensoku
Queen of Hearts

For the longest time Akatsuki Blitzkampf and Melty Blood were PC exclusive. And neither are bad games in the least.


Sounds like a “every fighting game on PC is shit because is animu” thread, all the games that Carbunkle comments are pretty good, just look at their threads on SRK.


dat melty

also dem lolis


Thread on SRK = it MUST be good.


^ I wish. Then people would actually play games worth playing, like SFEX just to name one.


Honestly I think the PC format is probably the best one for fighting games, if for no other reason things can get patched faster in theory, though with hard disk consoles this is no longer the shining point that it once was.


Without PC, there would be no nude skins for Cammy and Chun Li. Think about THAT!


yo pc i’m sad for you and imma let u finish but sega genesis during the 3 button controller era was the worst platform for fighting games of all time


Another baseless comment.

The sole fact that MAME is available should have compelled the OP not to make this thread.


This but add some emulators on as well.


Select button FTL.


Yeah, I don’t know, having the ability to play CPS1/CPS2/Neo Geo games totally makes it the worst platform ever, and the fact that you can netplay these games makes this a horrible choice, while you know, SNES and Genesis had all these crappy ports that are virtually unplayable are a better choice.

But there were quality games on the PC such as Monster, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Million Knight Vermillion, and Melty Blood Act Cadenza.



I thought you said that Aoko was the only true fighting game character in MBAC?


Dude, it had Rise 2 Resurrection. And [media=youtube]8LOHbMzyeL0"[/media].


I was waiting on a comment like this lol


Atari 5200 had better fighting games than the PC.


adding “of all time” to anything is just Kanye bait


Amiga 500 wasn’t too hot for fighting games, sadly. Bad ports, and the few original games are a bit amateurish. It made up for it in other ways though.


no mention of FX FIGHTER???

at least they get ports

N64 is the WORSTTTTTTTTTTT platform for fighting games of all time