The Peachy Thread

Peach is my main, share tipz here.

ill add thoughts later.

my main strat fly away scope the scene swoop in when someone has high % and cause havoc. She still is the best run away character in the game aka the storm of this game.

Her land float attacks (air attacks essentially) works really well. At least against me. Her neutral air just owns me all the time.


Peach is going to be all about sheild pressure this time around, since they deplete so fast.


Main thing she has going for her is her pressure game with low gliding aerials and turnips.

I still call her Princess Toadstool.

please use this thread

Guess I’ll start off this thread since nobody is contributing shit:

Peach is still good in Brawl but it’s harder to initiate her “float” during her jumps probably due to the game’s “floaty” engine but it’s still a good way to avoid certain things(Final Smashes).

All her forward smashes do different degrees of knock back it goes like this:

-Frying Pan: Launches them straight up. VERY damaging and a decent kill move
-Golf Club: Launches them forward. Also a decent kill move
-Tennis Racket: The weakest of the three IMO. Not much damage or knock back

It’s REAL hard to KO with her since her attacks are kinda weak this time around and most of her stronger moves are rather slow and/or awkward UAir and FAir. Her Downsmash is still a good move to his people who try to get behind you since it hits all around Peach but the knockback has been nerfed.

FTilt is good but it comes out MADD SLOW, you’re better off sticking with DTilt or UpTilt.

Her Final Smash is BAD but not as bad as DK’s If you have low damage just try picking off the most heavily damaged person around since their asleep(lol) but other than just healing yourself and your opponents =/ it’s pretty useless.

I’ll try to come up with more stuff…

Moar Shit:

Peach’s specials have gotten beefed up some since Melee:

-Toad counter is actually useful this time around but don’t get too happy with it. Toad actually blows away your foe which is what you want.
-Peach Bomber is quick and damaging and has uses as an approach but it can’t KO =/
-Turnips are a very spacing tool and they give her a weapon in projectile wars. I’m not sure if she can still randomly pull bombs out like in Melee.
-Her Up+B can now be opened and closed to control her speed of decent.

You must REALLY be patient with Peach as she’s REALLY easier to kill this time around(70-90% Damage) You must be quick about doing damage quickly(AA Helps here as do items).

More coming…

Her final smash hits people for 40%, puts them to sleep and gives you healing items. I don’t think it’s bad

Either I’ve been hacking, but you could always open and close her parasol in Melee.

It’s not much, but her Peach Bomber can combo into her Fair or Bair if you think quickly enough.

And yes she can still pull out bombs and that other wierd short fat pink guy.

Going back to her FS it is VERY useful in 1v1 matches cause it’s garunteed damage and a shot and nailing them with a charged smash attack(Possible KO). In mutliplayer brawls the effectiveness might be diminished slightly but it’s still a good FS and not as night useless as DK’s.

Unfortunetly the ONLY character(As far as I can tell) that can escape Peach’s FS is Snake, He can whip out a nade or bottle rocket that explodes on him(if he times it just right) and WILL ESCAPE being put to sleep. Something to think about…=/

or grab the edge during her fs animation. kinda hard with some characters, but my friend does it every fucking time.

so should I consider playing her seriously?

^ Yeah she’s still good. Just all her “Broken/Good” stuff from Melee has been removed or nerfed.

^ cool ok. Ive always wanted to learn her. I like the whole feeling of someone getting beat by a peach player :lol:

Link and Toon Link can do the same thing with their bombs too