The Penile Support thread - Pause Edition

This is a thread specifically created for all things Peter related. From what to do if you Wang wont fit and you have no lube, to the topic of Johnson hygiene.

No topic is too big or long. Unlike me…


Also, balls…

:rofl: Damn, It got so serious you guys had to isolate this mess, huh?

My name is Valaris and I approve this thread.

The genereal populace of srk’s penis are always isolated from society. And thank god. We don’t need another Paul Reubens.

Edit: Question, do Canadians taste like bacon and syrup? No homo Val, just wondering.

Anything to cure my slangin’ to the left, other than switching to the other hand?

I honestly don’t know. I can ask my ex if you want.

I hate when toothpaste makes contact when I’m brushing my teeth while showering.

Really, angelpalm?


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Rampage you’re an idiot.

Hahah thought you’d like that.
Also, “yew speld ‘your’ rong”

Yes Really.

Made a thread about Pole so I didn’t need a Poll.

So…what do I do if there is no lube?

Oral sex first, oh, and some finger play. Gotta get sloppy with it.

Snaaaaaakes mom says it’s too big. What do I do?

Did you draw a face on your penis and use the photo as an avatar?

Go metal gear solid on her and


put your dick in a box

…yes? no? im nice

Stop trolling.

What does it mean when your dick is making noises?

EDIT: False alarm, my phone was left on a Family Guy soundboard in my pocket.

so i was taking a pre deuce piss, pointing my johnson in the toilet while seated. i felt a sharp pain about mid way thru my shaft. after the pee stopped, i dripped some blood

pretty sure it cant be an std. im thinking urinary tract infection, or kidney stones. thoughts?

also, this was about a week ago, and hasnt happened again since. and i had this happen randomly about 3 yrs ago with no repeat until now

You’re gonna die.