The People of Walmart - Chinese Edition (Man caught stealing snacks, stabs manager)


Pun machine, go.


Is it Doritos?


“Sources said the woman was preparing to get married next month.”

Fantastic, more salt on the wound. Thanks editors.


That’s just cheesy.


No puns from me. This is a tragedy. Luckily the justice system in china isn’t hobbled by weak ass bleeding heart liberals. This guy is going to get murdered by the state.


wal-mart in china?

dam they really are everywhere


They’re pretty damn shitty compared to American ones too.

The one in Beijing was alright though.


Anybody else initially misread the woman’s name as Lin Minmei?


Here I thought people only get killed at Wal-Mart during Black Friday.


They just thought it was called War Mart, and mispronounced it…


Never risk your life is the number one rule in retail


I said don’t lay a finger on my butterfinger


is this the plot to shenmue 3?


Hey guys, it looks like they finally got a mugshot up on the guy. [details=Spoiler][/details]

First cookie monster, now this…smh, what is this world coming to?


He was probably hiding to avoid all of the falling prices.