The pepper thread


So lately, I started wondering: what is the difference between peppercorn/ground pepper/black pepper (the stuff that you sprinkle on stuff) and peppers (as in: chili peppers, bell peppers, etc)? Are they fundamentally the same thing? Do peppercorns come from peppers, or is it the other way around? Are peppercorns the initial birth state of peppers?

And you know, speaking of peppers, what is the difference between ketchup and catsup? Is catsup composed of a different proportional mix of tomatoes and vinegar?


2 posts in 2 days? This is some sort of record. You’re supposed to be like a herpe that flares up every now and then. You’re not supposed to hang around.


Try shoving them up your arse and see if they do different things, chilli pepper seeds would be a good place to start.


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Great thread! Its nice to see another chili head on SRK! I am passionate for peppers!

So yes, they are entirely different species of plant!
Personally, I am a fan of cayenne pepper, great taste without being overbearing!

As for Ketchup and Catsup, it is mostly a regional naming thing. There are some reports that ketchup is sweeter, but recipes vary.
Hope this helps!



Hatch green chile, FTW.