The Perfect Arcade Stick!

Describe the perfect arcade stick in as much detail as you want pics or drawing a plus!!!

I’m just wondering what you guys think makes the perfect stick. I’ve made a few sticks now and it seems like everyone has their own take on what makes it feel just right.

I’ll start with mine first. My stick was custom made by me with what I thought would be the perfect stick and for the most part I love it but if I could go back I would like to change a few things.

The stick - Sanwa JLF modified octagonal gate with a bat top ( I really wanted to try out the jap setup here but I didnt like the ball top or the square gate just felt funny . The stick feels like it had too much play so I modified it but it still feels too loose. I guess I’ll never get over using the Happ sticks they just feel so much better IMO) If I rebuild it will be with a Happ stick. The perfect stick would be able to fit both Happ and Jap sticks :wink:

Buttons - Seimitsu white w\ clear tops (I love these buttons they have just the right amount of sensitivity for me. I had Sanwa but they where way too soft and I would get accidental button presses all the time) My next stick will have these for sure plus it’s cool to be able to add artwork inside the buttons. The perfect stick would be able to mount Happ and Jap style buttons :wink:

Button layout - I prefer 6 straight. The curved buttons threw me off too much and the extra buttons just added to that. I might consider a layout like on the MadKatz TE stick but with the 6 straight and not curved and just drop down the 2 far left buttons a half step. (See this is where I would like to add a custom slider for my buttons so I could rock both if I wanted to. I’d put the first 2 buttons on a slide track that you could lock in the 2 positions straight or curved) The perfect stick would have the sliding button feature :wink:

Material - I chose wood cause that’s what I know and I had lots of it. I’m not a fan of plastic sticks cause their usually too light unless weighted down. (I think a metal case has a lot of potential with so many different shapes and styles possible, plus it’s so durable it could last forever)

PCB - I went with Toodles Cthulhu board and I love it but it would be nice to be able to play in the 360 as well. I’m currently working on setting that up but I’m kinda stuck trying to install the switch to go between them. I’m in no rush cause I don’t ever use the 360 anyway :wink: The perfect stick would be wired for dual systems :wink:

Wiring - I’m working on a semi universal wiring harness for my current stick that will clean up the way it looks and I’ll be able to use it on future sticks if needed. I also would use braided 22 gauge wire next time cause the solid seems to break and pull of the pcb to easily. The perfect stick would use these wires and harnesses :wink:

Rubber Feet - I currently have rubber feet on my stick but I think the next stick will have a fully covered non slip pad on the bottom cause that’s my one gripe is that it still slides off my lap\chair able I need that thing to stay put :wink: The perfect stick would never move!

So now I’m curious to see what you guys think.\

I like the use of the format so I’ll make something you can cut and paste. Feel free to add to it if you feel so inclined.

The Perfect Stick

Stick -

Buttons -

Button layout -

Build Material -

Art -


Wiring -

Feet -

but a very nice stick ! i like it …

I’ll show you my perfect stick when I receive it from arcade in a box.

IL eurojoystick, Curved button layout, seimitsu clear buttons.

The only thing I would like to change though is I would like the joystick to be white, but they don’t come in white.

My MK stick @ SB3:lovin:

VSHG with a proper PCB and start button on the back.

Nice sticks! guys!!! Now is there anything you would want to change or add to it to make it better??
Give me a wish list lol

Only thing I really care about is smooth rounded edges and good spacing between the joystick and buttons. I like using a slightly larger case just so I can have about 4"-5" between the joystick and buttons. If I’m at an arcade I don’t mind the spacing but If I have my arcade stick in my lap I like the space.

my perfect stick is a Viewlix layout with an extra button on the thumb (to the left of Short Kick ideally). Seimitsu buttons and Sanwa JLF stick =)

Yeah those Viewlix sticks are sweet I’m don’t like the curved buttons much but damn it looks sexy!

Per’s viewlix stick. By far the best looking stick I have ever seen.

Give me a link to Per’s viewlix stick.


post 5062.

I suppose I’ll use the format of the original poster for mine:

The Stick - Very iffy on this one since my modding experience with sticks is still a little limited. I’ve been hearing good things about the smaller dead zone of Seimitsus, but I’m also used to using the Sanwa JLF. In the end, it really comes down to the action for me. The stick that offers the greatest precision on movement and execution is the winner for me. I know part of it depends on my own skill and manual dexterity as well, but one cannot deny the importance of hardware as well.

Buttons - Sanwa all the way. I use Seimitsu buttons as well, but Sanwa really takes the cake for me when it comes down to sensitivity and feel. I don’t have any colour preferences since the colours are completely dependent on the overall aesthetic look that I want to achieve for my stick.

Button layout - 8-button curved. I play on a PS3 for the most part, and while I am more used to the traditional 6-button layout for fighters, it never hurts to have those two extra buttons handy. If the option is available, I shouldn’t restrict it. Might come in handy in the future. I have big hands, so I find the curved layout of say, an HRAP3 to be very comfortable for my positioning.

Material - No actual material preference. Just anything that’s hard, solid-feeling, heavy (So that it’s firm and doesn’t move around) and durable

PCB - Never been an Xbox fan. Only Playstation. So ideally my PCB would be something that works on Playstations 2 and 3 (Both have USB) and also PC

Wiring - I don’t know what page or poster did it, but in the “I Love My Custom Stick” thread, there was this one guy who posted pics of his stick which he called, “The Bear”. It was a six-button stick with light-up LEDs on the buttons and the wiring job was absolutely AMAZING. I don’t think I’ve seen a cleaner stick interior anywhere. If I had to find my ideal wiring, it would have to be that.

Rubber Feet - Rubber feet on my HRAP3 have been serving me quite well so I have no complaints or preferences on that as long as they’re as good as what I have now.

There are a few things I’m going to change next time around, but I’m really happy with my current stick.


Did you do all the woodwork? It looks really good.

My uncle owns a furniture factory so my cousin did the woodwork according to my designs and autocad drawings. We have a CNC router too so we actually made three of these at a time. All with different finishes, art, and buttons.

Did you use the CNC machine to do the button wholes too? Man I wish I wasn’t so useless with tools.

yes the CNC machine did all of the work on the top panel, button holes and routing for the joystick.

TheRealNeoGeo’s Vewlix stick = perfection.

TMO + official Vewlix art/parts = How can you go wrong.

I’m pretty sure this thread is over. I found it. :lovin: