The Perfect CVS2 Player

In your opinion, what sort of attributes make the perfect CVS2 player?

For starters, I would say, making sure that you occasionally knock your opponents out of the air when they jump backwards and attack while they’re in the corner with an RC, CC, ect.

one who picks random everything, plays cross-handed, is blindfolded, is obliged to listen to “Im a Barbie Girl” X infinity and always delivers a ratio 1 beatdown/ocv.

someone who is able to Misogi and G-End with every character

if u had the rushdown ability of Nuki, The skill of John Choi, the hands of BAS, The RC’ing of Daigo, and the brain of Gene Wong… you’d be pretty damn good

CAB 4 lyfe


.just Kidding


…but on the real, it’s probably bas. i wanna say dan but bas always beats him up.

just be bas…he will kill cvs2. nobody will beat bas at evo. it will be so hype until the grand finals, then bas will just destroy whoever it is.


:lame: you’re a scrub.

thats also like a weird list of traits

the RCing of daigo?
the hands of bas? (his execution is pretty average, he just practices a ridiculous amount)
the brain of gene wong?


edit: it’ll only let me put the above in caps if I have some lower case letters down here…

no, you weren’t (kidding).

It’s good to see no one can take a joke around here…

I thought Gene Wong was supposed to be the up and coming prodigy of this game and Daigo RC’s really well from the footage I’ve seen. I think if you took anything from bas you’d be in good shape, bc he’s just a really good player in genral

Doesn’t bas have average execution because I strictly remember him being unable to play A-Sakura cause he could never shosho consistently? And I always thought Mago or Kindevu had the best RC’s in the game. Brains imo goes to either Ricky or Jwong cause Ricky plays smart w/ a lot of tricks and Jwong’s strategy is to give you nothing to capitalize on which is boring as hell to watch, but effective.

Execution tops would have to be a C player imo so probably Choi. Nuki and Combofiend both have nasty rushdown and are some of the most exciting players to watch. I have watched Combo vs Ricky (1-3) @ evowest at least 5 times because it’s just too damn exciting.

i wish i had ricky’s reaction dragon skills…you cannot low jump that at all:looney:

im pretty good, campbell can vouch.

technical+compassion=Good 0+0=Perfection

I don’t think theres anything called a PERFECT cvs2 player…nobody can be perfect.

in my opinion:
-Top notch execution
-Extremely Creative
-Straight out, doesn’t go for fancy combos. does what is needed.
-Constantly thinking, always on their feet.
-Lots of experience and a strong ground game.

The reason bas is top of his game right now is cuz hes got most of these. His execution isnt 100% though. He can’t do perfect bison customs(seriously). Passion is #1.

haha i just saw this

If you had this, you’d basically still have ME. My execution is better than bas i think(or atleast it used to be). If you have a BRAIN of someone, … woulnd’t that person be operating the game with just good execution?

I will have to agree with Hail and Kill no such thing as perfect cvs2 player. You gotta have that passion esp. for this years evo this is the last one people get your combos and anti airs down cause god knows i need to, and if we play safe we got this year in the bag.