The perfect setup for Hulk's Double Crush?



who’s the 3rd character on the team, Hulk/XXX/Ken?. ?

When I say perfect…I mean is it practical?

Nice vid btw. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! That was awesome! Mike-Z FTW…

I’ve never seen that glitch before… Where’s Zangief going lol…


youtube link please.

The most stable assist for the Gamma Crush is the Capcom assist vs a cornered foe, period.

Dashjump, lk, mk, land, dlk, dmk, call Capcom, Gamma charge, gamma crush, dead character. Thanks for showing up.

Also, if someone jumps backwards into the corner and you land an airthrow, you can kill them with this assist just the same. Airthrow, roundhouse, call Capcom, gamma charge, gamma crush. Dead.

I will experiment and reconstruct the list later if I remember.

There are other ones that are as stable that are done mid-screen like one involving Omega Red’s coil assist, and DHC’s out of Rogue’s kiss super that are perfectly stable that work anywhere too.