The Perks of a Pro!

I jus wanna know the perks of being pro!

You win alot more.

i dont know i guess recognition??


Become pro or DIE ALONE.

gettin’ the ladies

You get yo pichur on da Weeteez box yo.

You feel great about shutting down faggotry

By “Pro” i am assuming that you are referring to a really good player on a game…

Or maybe you are referring to a the “real pro” as in a payed gamer to show case an exemplary level of gaming skill and efficiency.

In either case one thing is clear, the “Experts” as i would like to call them enjoy games that are challenging to them. They are beyond the technical know how of the game (as in they all have mastered the frame data and go way beyond just knowing moves and how they work).

They thrive on their mental stability and use mind games to their advantage… Yes, they are great at “psych-outs”. They hardly fold under pressure, this means theres consistency in their execution even if the move requires just-frame or very specific timing (Daigo parrying chunli’s Super Art into a juggle).

Everything i have mentioned is somewhat an understatement of how to describe pros. To say the least, they are few and far between… They can get those Legendary 50+ win streaks…

Here are some examples:

VF series:

VF’s Chibita once had a video featuring his 50 plus win streak against Japan’s finest.

Tekken Tag:

Jang Suwon the Legendary ogre player once had a 250 win streak in Fantasia arcade. Talk about immunity to fatigue…


You guys know about those TOP BRASS Japanese players all too well…


Wow i just love watching those EVO finals videos… Truly awesome…

BTW i am by no means a PRO… I am a scrub who was just lucky enough to get to play with some pros back in the day (tekken series in particular). Those guys escaped throws and saw mix-ups on reaction… It was like you were against a wall in Table Tennis…