The Pizza Thread :D


This is a thread to discuss all things related to Pizza.
First off where’s the best place to grab a slice in your area? Also what type of pizza (include all the toppings) do you usually order? In addition where do you usually get delivery from?



Get Hype.


Meat, meat, meat, and more meat. Oh, and did I say meat? BBQ base, deep pan stuffed crust and I am sleeping like a baby that night.

Dominics in my area is godlike.


I bet you order the BBQ Chicken Pizza right?


Tbh I don’t really like Chicken on my Pizza. I’ll usually get Pork, Beef, and their spicy variants. I do like Sweetcorn on there from time to time.


Sounds good man. I usually load up my pizza with like double extra cheese and pepperoni. I prefer thick, UNO’s style crust as well.
I can’t stand thin crust for some reason.


Controversial opinion: The best possible topping for a pizza is pineapple.


Yeah, when that crust is thick and bouncy it’s just too good. I don’t like it crispy.


I feel like pineapple needs a meat assist in order to be at full potential. Kind of like Morrigan.

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We can agree on that. It’s much like a team in Marvel 3: Zero is the pineapple, Dante is the meat and the anchor (whichever) is the cheese/tomato sauce. Pineapple is good, but having only pineapple just wouldn’t work. Meat works well with pretty much everything, and has particularly good synergy with pineapple. The cheese/sauce is an essential on every pizza, and supports both the pineapple and meat.


RIP Pizza King:

Perreca’s Schenectady:
the best.
fight me.


What does Perreca’s bring to the table?


the basics.
Low income Sicilian style (like the ggmother used to make when they didnt have fresh meat/cheese -Palermo).

Also: Im no baker, but Perreca’s italian bread is bangin


I feel like I have been waiting for this thread my whole life.


Living most of my life in Philly, it was Old English Pizza on 9th & Hunting Park Ave. Amazing stuff and good people too. Not sure if the same people still own it, but I can still remember the lady hitting me and my sister up w/ free slices on our walk from the bus stop after school.

Now I live in North Jersey and to be honest, the pizza here ain’t that great - don’t even get me started on the cheesesteaks. I work in Manhattan and if I want pizza I usually hit up Bravo Pizza in midtown not far from Times Square.

As for toppings I usually just get plain since 9/10 times the meat isn’t gonna be halal. If there is halal meat available I’ll mess w/ pepperoni. This dude I know makes a pizza w/ cheesesteak meat that’s pretty on point too.

You can also try getting hot sausage, cut it into slices and throwing it on a frozen pizza.


Chain pizza is pretty much all shit. Homemade pizza is still by far my favorite, but a select few hole in the wall pizzerias or nice restaurants that have brick ovens are also good. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Sbarros, etc…I don’t know how people eat that greasy disgusting shit, especially crap that has cheese in the crust.


I make crab rangoon pizza.


I can only mess w/ chain restaurant pizza if it has thick crust like Pizza Hut’s pan pizzas. Thin crust is like eating cardboard.


I don’t know what the fuck it is, but I want it in my mouth.


…Did…did Mikey just toke a joint? o_O


curry pizza is where it’s at. y’all don’t even know


Anybody have a good recipe for crust?