The Platteau of Progress

So I’ve been playing SSf4 for about 2 months now and i have seen drastic change (thnx to the information on this site), but I’m at a stump. It seems I reached a point where I cannot beat anyone. Just a few weeks ago I was doing pretty good, but since last week i reached a point where i cant even win a round. I know this is common amongst ssf4 players so I would like to know how to overcome this obstacle. Thnx in advance

Identify why.

If you can’t identify why record the game (if possible) and identify why after watching the replay/recording.

Whatever you’re doing, do the exact opposite for a while. If you’ve been trying to learn and integrate new elements into your game, then don’t for a while and let what you’ve got sink in as you play. If you’ve done that, then find something new to add to your game and mess with it.

Sometimes you need to take a break, you get tired and worn out. This leads to you thinking too much instead of reacting naturally.

Try taking a few days off.

Dishonru has a good suggest aswell, look at your recorded matches and try to look for things you know you didn’t used to do and try to find out why you’ve started doing it.

thnx guys for the advice

I had the same thing a few days ago, it was actually knowledge overload. Basically, I had learnt so much online and watching videos, and I tried to implement it all at the same time, and all that happened was that I forgot the basics.

It’s important when learning new stuff to remember to learn it slowly. Focus on different things at different times, and chose something to focus on everytime you sit down, for e.g “today I am going to punish everything with my B&B instead of sweep.” Stuff like that.

I’m going through the same thing right now, just like the others say watch the replays, take a few days off (I’ve been playing 2-4 hours a day on average everyday, getting burnt out), and something that effects me but also may effect you is that when you start losing a lot you will end up continually going into a pattern each match. Watch out for that.