The Play me NOW thread!

While the friend code thread could work, it’s a good idea to have a thread specifically for though who want a matchup NOW.

So yeah, I want a match or three…anyone game?

I could really go for a few games with somebody in the northeast!

Code is 0860-2923-0192

I’m on right now. Jump on and let’s run this shit!

No can do right now…

I think another thing that should be added to this thread is player availability. Some of us are busy people! And, Brawlin’ isn’t too open.

(note that I don’t have a Wii yet. But, this’ll still apply)
I work nights. Or, at least I will starting next week. So, availability might be a bit sketchy. I’m off Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. But, I could probably play a little bit on the mornings after my shift. That’s about it.

IRC channel anyone?

Me and my friend will be on later tonight so put up your friend code in this thread if you’re able to play.

Anyone available right now? Its fucking impossible to get a match with an SRK player.

irc channel anyone?

Anyone on right now?

Someone play me right now.

Ill be checking back every few minutes.

If you want to play people, Get on the IRC channel, it’s a lot easier.

Since you posted, wanna go? Honestly, I have no idea what the IRC channel is.

Sorry I’m going to bed, I can’t hook you up with a link to the how to IRC thread, maybe someone else will, goodnight.

Thanks anyway.

Ready to play anyone right now.

Try this for IRC.

Ready to play again right now.

0903 2434 8786

Can’t connect to IRC grrr.

If you think u can take on my meta knight BRING IT! i’m on now


I’m up for some games.
1976 9916 2777
aim is infernalglacier
EDIT: I’m keeping aim open and checking the thread periodically while I play ffXII. Will continue to do so until approximately 4 am central.