The Players Discussion Thread


I am not sure if this is against the rules, though it does concern fighting games in a way. If not, just simply close this thread (as if that was necessary to request). This is a thread to discuss various players, whether they are well-known (Justin Wong, Noel Brown, ChrisG, Filipino Champ, Daigo Umehara, Poongko, SherryJenix, Combofiend, Infiltration, Marn, etc.) or not. Anything about them, their playing style, characters, whatever, just do not bash them or other members who are fans of those players.

To get the ball rolling: apparently, Filipino Champ has a bad attitude, being cocky and arrogant. I can’t say much about him, but maybe he was a bit showoff-ish? I’ve seen two videos of him, so I truly cannot say much about him other than that he is a really great players.

EVO 2012 UMVC3 Grand Finals - col. CC Filipino Champ v. LXG Infrit



Salty Filipino Champ




What i like about F.Champ is his realness. He doesn’t sugar-coat his emotions, he doesn’t try to act politically correct, he’s just being very honest with himself and others around him. A lot of that rawness is missing in a community that largely favors making friends with everybody and trying to get sponsorship.

He’s cocky and arrogant, but so is every top player out there. He just shows it off moreso than anybody else. You have to be a bit cocky and arrogant in order to be a top-level player. You’ve got to have the confidence in yourself that believes that nobody is better than you, and that you won’t lose to anybody. Those guys out there who worship guys like Justin Wong, Daigo, any of the top players, are never going to be top players themselves until they change their mindset. You’re not going to beat a guy that you’re going to put up on a pedestal.

It’s one thing if he just talks mad shit, but the guy has the skills to back it up. There’s no denying that he has a passion for fighting games, for the community, and it shows in not just his words, but his actions. The guy moved into a house for the specific purpose of leveling up his game in order to become the best player, and he completely deserves his Evo win. So he’ll continue talking shit until someone shows him up.


I think gootecks is the cutest SF player. whut about you guyz?


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this is some esports shit


Gootecks when he had long hair was pretty kawaii yo~


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where are the bear top players?


Well, this thread didn’t last long.




Probalby not a new reference, but the first time I saw it… and totally made the thread


Welcome to the FGC, where we don’t tolerate none of this e-sports celebrity bullshit.

On a related note, whatever happened to the days when top players were simply targets, and everyone was gunning for for them?


well that’s kind of untrue, we do and we don’t.

There’s plenty of community celebrity cocksucking going on. You see it all the time, “Don’t you know who you’re talking to!?


Sadly a lot of the community actually does tolerate and embrace this e-sports celebrity bullshit. People trying to become superstars and make money off playing video games, and the guys who want to worship them.

A lot of people just seem to have lost that killer edge. Now some guys just want to make friends, get on stream and look fancy, and hopefully find someone to sponsor them so they can start selling t-shirts, holding raffles, and stream matches from their house.


Well, the fact of the matter is that they don’t really have anything else to fall back on. They’ve given everything up to become the best at their game. Tomo Ohira, who was at one point the world’s best Street Fighter 2 player, “retired” at 17 to so he could get a head start on a stable career.
[media=youtube]xyTuLRDbS_w[/media] [media=youtube]E0CS0U05Qh8[/media]


There’s a lot of folks working their butts off so that this doesn’t have to be the case and playing fighting games (or just being involved in the scene) can be both worthwhile and profitable. However, this shouldn’t happen at the expense of an important part of FGC culture.


And recently he resurfaced to play Noah the Prodigy for a Toyota, company he works for, promotional event.

You might be able to find it via SRK post: “dat custom stick”

It would be several different topics to talk about if FPChamp is a jerk, was he a jerk when playing Marvel 2, I don’t think he is a jerk, nah he’s a real jerk FU BLG - FPChamp registered tourny team acronym name, FU to sp00ky stream camera eightarc stick start button on front, Flip the bird FUcanada guy on stage JSMasters?, wasn’t a jerk when he beat daigo i dun liek him anymoerr, then you add the other players.

If anyone in this thread goes to tournaments, they’re all jerks out to beat you. And Dev’s a “B.U.T.T.H.O.L.E.” thread surfer.


The Noah thing was just for fun. It was a promotion deal for Toyota that Tomo arranged, since he works at upper-level management for Toyota. It was pretty damn sad that Noah’s camp actually took the thing seriously. They edited the video to make it seem like Noah consistently beat Tomo easily. Pretty shameful for Noah’s camp to be promoting his talent like that. The kid’s nice and seriously talented, but his crew is trying to get him hopped up on that e-sports bullshit without having him focus on playing the games. Dude never shows up to offline events and tourneys except for the majors.

And wtf did I just read in the second paragraph? There wasn’t a single cohesive sentence in there. And based on your keen observations (which primarily seem to come from you being a stream monster), is it safe to assume that you don’t show up to offline tourneys?


Thanks for the details, I had no idea of any of their tally score at all as I only saw an image here or there. Finish your sentences yourself: “It was pretty damn that Noah’s camp actually took the thing seriously.” You need an adjective in there, be creative with it.

I asked you in your SF2 thread, maybe the money match one to checkout the SF3 forum, at least on GGPO improvement to not spout “3s is not on GGPO anymore, SF2 is way cooler and has more players” or other misinformation, being straight ignorant of anything news wise on something thats not your game. Way to ignore me like a big tymer… like DevilJin won’t answer a PM.

Bitch, I got the Japan players to our hotel room for games and watched none of the EVO events with “big names.” spent the whole weekend basically doing 3s things. A dead game. But you would know that if you ever ventured outside your cozy SF2 forums to learn about anyone else’s scene if you had questions on recent events. No, but I respect you for helping the n00bs alot in saikyo dojo, don’t know why you’re confrontational with me in a very in-jest topic.


Fixed the sentence. I have a bad habit of dropping words when I type quickly, my bad.

Ignore what? I don’t even recall making that post. If 3s is on GGPO, then someone should just tell me, I had no idea it was going on in the Karnov’s room, or wherever it was. Hell, I was one of the first people who thought that it was idiotic that they shut down the GGPO room just for shitty 3soe.

Congrats on getting the 3s situation going on at Evo. I don’t think it’s a dead game, hell it probably has more players than the ST guys, but I think there is a certain lack of organization and leadership in the scene. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, since I never claimed that I am the all-knowing messiah on 3s, but this is just what I get from my observation of the scene, and talking to some people at Evo. People seem to have a passion for 3s, but nobody seems to be up at the forefront of trying to get the players showing up to local tournaments. Gootecks started something interesting with the 3soe tourneys over at WNF, and then just sort of stopped doing it for whatever reasons, and they certainly had the players coming out to support the scene.

I’m sorry if I came off as callous, that’s just sort of what’s happened to me ever since I had to deal with the same questions being asked OVER AND OVER AND OVER again in Newbie section. I just feel like your post came off, at least to me, like everybody is out in a tournament to be an asshole and make you feel like shit. Although everyone is out to do whatever it takes to win, I don’t think it’s that personal, and I’ve yet to meet someone who is actually a jerk in real life, and not trying to act as the ‘heel’ for the stream monsters.


the fact that people even think its good somehow to act the heel is vaguely terrifying to me.