The Playstation Portable: Good Portable Fighting Game Console?


Greetings. I’m thinking about buying a PSP soon, and I plan on making it my “fighting games on the go” console, so to speak. I have a DS, but I want more than just fighting games based around Shonen Jump! anime.

Anyway, I do know that there are a pretty good amount of fighting games for the console. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Tekken 6, Dissidia: Final Fantasy(I guess), and even upcoming PSP fighters like Blazblue: Portable just to name a few. Everything that I’ve seen looks good, for the most part. Whether or not they’re actually good is another story.

So, I come to thee, SRK faithful, for some advice. What fighting games for the PSP are worth my money? What PSP model is actually best for playing fighting games? Is the PSP even a good portable console for fighting games?

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day!


The PSP do seem to have a lot of fighting games. Don’t forget it has ports of Gundam vs Gundam, that game that keeps being on the top of the Arcadia charts.

As for the DS, the best shot for a non-jump fighter there is to use NeoDS to emulate NeoGeo and play Samsho/Garou/KOF etc.


I was thinking of buying one of these so I can practice on the go but there are some problems. Within the tournament scene, only 2 games can be played so you can practice on the go. ST and T6BR. However with hacks, pretty sure you’ll be able to play VS and alpha2\3 I believe, kof98\02 seem to run very smooth too. These games aren’t exactly american tournament games but they do get heavy play on ggpo. Tobal 2 can also be played on the psp which is an excellent fighting game even today.

The fighting library on the psp itself is pretty crappy IMO. Its only till its modded that its actually worth a shit. When its hacked it plays A LOT systems. Nes, gen, snes, neo geo CD, psx, gamboy\gba.

The biggest complaint about the psp is the damn controller scheme. The pad on that thing is fucking terrible. I haven’t had a chance to test that small one yet but the big one it is very hard to use if you’re used to the PS style pads. If there was a way to hook up a ps3 pad or a ps3 stick, I might actually buy one.


The pad is fine on 3000 psp.

And there is a way to connect pads and sticks to psps. Look up remotejoy lite.




depends I guess. You’re better off getting it hacked to really do anything cool/special/worth looking at with a PSP.

all of the new non PSP go models have the better dpads. (original run in America had really shitty ass dpads.) It’s not really a “step up” but it gets the job done much better than the old PSP Models.

haven’t played T6 on it yet. DR was surprisingly fun for a game on the road. Alpha 3 MAX and Darkstalkers have some pretty huge load times. It’s really what you feel you want to do honestly.


You can connect a Dualshock 3 to the PSPgo via Bluetooth.


please tell me this is the ONLY PSP thread on SRK?



I like psp games but I hate the psp.


Good thing I’m not in a rush to get this thing. I figured it wasn’t all that great, but I thought there would be more favorable reviews.

Oh well. 'Gotta get GGPO in the meantime, then. Thanks for all the advice!



It’s an alright platform, but I just find that the D-Pad is a bit too stiff sometimes, and that the “Power/Hold” switch is in the wrong position…I sometimes knock it whilst playing and…well as you can imagine it;s not much fun :confused: But that’s something I could work arround

It just needs more support I think and it could be awesome


Just to give a counterpoint, I do have a PSP and actually play fighting games on it regularly. Don’t get the SNK games, as they have insane load times.

I played plenty of Guilty Gear Judgment and more than a little Alpha. They’re faithful ports and I never had any problems executing on my PSP-1000 pad. I don’t even have to do those little tricks like taping a quarter or putting your thumb under your shirt.