The Playstation Thread: God of War = Game of the Year


Apparently PS+ members in Asia are getting Gravity Rush 2, God Eater 2 and Touch my Katamari as their free games for December.

Wtf. Why can’t we have nice things


PSN got Iconoclasts which is a game I wanted to check out, but didn’t renew my online subscription. Thinking about going with NO(Nintendo Online, har har) since my brother ordered a Switch, which I didn’t see coming.


Even so, it’s the equivalent of PAL, whatever it’s called. “Do not look at the speck of dust in your brother’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own” or wherever lol

I’m looking forward to checking out that Soma game tbh


Point was you set your own goals,


I know…?


Flash sale running on PSN.

Just a heads up.


all the good stuff is for ps3 and surprisingly, VIta. If I still had a vita i’d stock up but the fact sony doesnt support it and I don’t find hacking a system appealing I have no need to get one. I’ve had like 4 vita’s. I always get tons of play out of it for the first few months (PSX Games on the go? Delicious) but the appeal of it quickly loses its luster after that and i always end up selling it to someone.


Out of the flash sale, I picked up The Order: 1886, Gravity Rush 2, and Battlefield 1 for about $18 with state sales tax.


  • 09:35 – Broadcast begins (game content introduction begins at 12:37)
  • 29:43 – “Find a Way to Survive” trailer
  • 35:52 – Map gameplay and commentary
  • 43:52 – Wanzer-related gameplay
  • 49:22 – Trailer for a video of producer Shinji Hashimoto trying to survive a stage
  • 51:32 – Product-related information
  • 55:17 – Ultimate Edition close-up