The Playstation Thread: State of Play debuting 3/25/2019


YES, ALL THE ROBOT GAMES. Since Capcom is on a roll, let’s get a Lost Planet 4 that’s closer to LP1 or 2 please!


I should give Code Mirai another spin. Music was awesome but wasn’t feeling the gameplay. It’s not going anywhere since it’s on my hard drive


I would like to see Capcom give Steel Battalion another chance. $200 controller and all.



I really need a release date for that game.


Every time I see a new tidbit on it I just think “ALRIGHT ALREADY, I already know I’m going to love it, JUST GIVE IT TO ME.”



Yo Gundamonium is getting a physical release? That’s super dope.


So uh, who wants to be the hero to test out the PSN name change in the beta?


My PSN handle is perfect and doesn’t need to be changed


I hear you might lose saved data and trophies if u name change, fuck all that shit. I’m good


A decent list…


Fuck you for beating me too it. Lol
I feel like there is a lot of missed opportunities in that list, but’s its not bad I guess?


Pretty fucken shitty list lol


I mean with a library that huge, there will be missed opportunities no matter what. Still does seem kinda weird though. I assume the rights are harder to suss out since there are so many more developers than the nintendo/SNES era. A few comments:

Toshinden - I suppose it’s iconic but they could’ve at least chosen Part 2 instead.

Grand Theft Auto - This is the most ridiculous choice. Not iconic, not good

Persona - I mean I love it due to nostalgia but makes non sense to include it due to the definitive PSP version. So many other iconic rpg’s to choose from including King’s Field 1-2, Vandal Hearts, etc.

Rainbow Six - Another wasted slot on par with GTA.

Twisted Metal - Should’ve been Part 2 instead


Should have thrown in more JRPGs.
SNES had 4, with CT being the biggest exclusion.

PS1 has… FF7 and Wild Arms… And that’s it? lol Huge fuck up.
Nobody want’s to play fucken Mr.Driller and Destruction Derby over the billion of amazing JRPGs on the system.


So the Nintendo news posted here is for…


Boosting the PS4 sales news.


Goddammit i was in the vgg thread and looked in here briefly and it put my post in here


Just cancelled my pre-order for the Playstation Classic.

That list is ass.