The Playstation Thread: State of Play debuting 3/25/2019


Bushiden does look cool and I’m glad I saw .gifs for it before reading that it’s (another) metroidvania. Hope but gets released within the next two years.

Sucks about PS Exp. Hoping to hear something more about the Yakuza remasters, Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima…


I like metroidvanias as much as anyone else, I just wish they wouldn’t make so many of them. Maybe 1 out of every 20 are actually good.


Apparently Bushiden can be played NOT like a Metroidvania. Like it actually has levels and a level select, but after you beat a level you can go back to one with power ups you gained or whatever to re-explore. Hopefully that means better level design all the way through



Do you feel compelled to try all of them?
Games in general come out so fast for me now that I’ve made peace with just trying a few for each genre I like (Action, Adventure, Metroidvanias, RPGs, Fighters, Beat ‘em up etc). I’ll usually always play the series’ that got me into that genre in the first place, but only mess with 2-3 brand new IPs that follow those formulas per year.

I never thought a selling point for me would eventually become how quickly you can beat the games though. The more popular series started getting longer and longer for each sequel and that’s starting to take away too much time from practice, so they end up in backlog when before I would’ve run through them on launch day.



NGDEV does some good work in the shmup department. They aren’t Cave level or anything but their games pretty fun, if a bit easy in the long run.




It’s been a while since the last great mecha game. Hopefully Left Alive will be one.



PSN Name Changes are finally happening:




I am getting the RDR2 Pro bundle for my bday from my parents.
I cashed in a decade of not really getting a gift and told my rents “Yo guys… I never asked for anything, but now I want this.”



I’m keeping Sites008, but it’s nice for everyone who has “jabhadouken” caliber PSN ragrets (sic).

But I’ve got to imagine that most everything even semi-original has already been done, and all the way from being [name]01’d, to Xxx…xxX’d, at that.



Man, this game looks so cool, BUT WHEN DOES IT COME OUT


Hyped for new game+…


All three titles will be compatible with the Twin-Stick Project Z peripheral currently seeking crowdfunding by Tanita.