The Playstation Thread: The Surge and Conan Exiles are April Plus games


Yep, blame religion for that debacle. No Seriously.
In the late 19th century Advocates of the customary system saw the French Revolutionary, or metric, system as atheistic. One adherent of the customary system called it “a just weight and a just measure, which alone are acceptable to the Lord”. Just one more reason the US should switch to metric.
Also the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 was not strong enough, as the changes to metric for industry was voluntarily.




i remember playing last remnant on 360.
hot garbage it was



It got hyped so damned hard.

But I saw how it looked, and it looked like ass.

And I read how it played, and I was like, lel, nah.



Everyone I know who learned the mechanics fucking loves Last Remnant, but also says getting to that point is a big issue for the game.



While games should absolutely have a learning curve and teach you how to play the game through gameplay (see: Mega Man) you shouldnt have to learn how to play a game to enjoy it. If that makes sense? Like when I get told I’m not “playing it right” when I tell people I don’t like Breath of the Wild for xyz reasons.



I don’t agree, either or can work. I’m fine with pick up and play easy to learn games, but I like games with complicated systems that require learning to. I like Final Fantasy Tactics because is requires balancing multiple unit builds and making sure they work together well. To do that i had to learn how to play, how to synergize my classes, and to keep them reletively balanced lest the lopsided leveling get worse and worse.

I don’t believe in one way being the correct way.

I don’t know what your complaints with BOTW are, if you’re dying a lot then yea you’re probably playing wrong, if your complaints about system ideas you don’t like then whatever, you don’t like it. Nothing wrong with that.



I like games with complex systems like FF Tactics, but the game still needs to be fun while learning the system.

The Last Remnant failed in that regard IMHO.



I thought TLR was fun even while learning it, but it was weird and awkward. That’s not enough to make me not enjoy the parts I did, and once I did get it, it was much, much better. It’s the kind of RPG you can actually tackle really hard game content early once you learn some good tactics. And actually, even for normal progression content you can adjust the difficulty and rewards by pulling more enemies in battle at the same time. It’s actually super fucking brilliant because you can make an area that wouldn’t be challenging much more so by doing that.



You shouldn’t have to make things artificially hard in order to make things fun or engaging though. That’s why I hate shit like Nuzlock challenges in Pokémon or trying to get the highest level grade on the highest difficulty In games like DMC and Bayonetta. It’s fabricated difficulty



I kinda liked and missed the challenges put in Nintendo Power,
Like Make it to the 9th Dungeon and all the way to Gannon in Legend of Zelda without ever picking up a sword
or Beat Kirby’s Adventure without eating anything that gives you a power up.



Be didn’t say he had to make it hard to be enjoyable, he said it upped the rewards and was something you could do if you wanted to.



Well great news, you can do it because it’s more efficient overall, or because you get better rewards, OR because you like the challenge, or for all those reasons. Like, it’s not even an arbitrary thing the player would have to just decide to do outside of the game’s systems. It’s an actual system with rewards tied to risks.

As for Bayo/DMC, trying to get all S’s isn’t any more “fabricated” than any other difficulty setting. It’s just a matter of how far the player wants to take their skills. It’s a question of if you are fine with “just enough” or do you strive to push yourself. And in those games you actually ARE rewarded IN GAME for higher ranks. It’s NOT comparable to a nuzlocke since that is a player imposed limitation with no in-game consideration for it at all. The POINT of the rankings in games like Bayo and DMC actually IS to reward players that want to keep taking their skill further. That’s why those games HAVE those scoring/grading systems



That’s the whole point of Scoring Systems in general, to incentivise you to keep playing long after you have “finished” the game, and to keep improving and reach higher scores.

Ikaruga, for a recently talked about example, is about 22 to 25 minutes long depending on boss performance. If you care at all about chaining, rank, and scoring then Ikaruga is no where close to just 22 to 25 minutes long, and yes the game grades you on performance just like a P* game, its gonna tell you if it thinks you suck dick or not.

Shit Yagawa Shmups like Battle Garegga, Batrider and Bakraid weaponize the ranking and scoring system against you.

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Yeah, I realized the DMC/Bayo comment wasn’t really valid once I went to bed. That’s just how those games naturally progress their replay value. But I still stand by my statement. You shouldn’t have to fabricate and deliberately make a game harder on yourself in order for it to be fun. It should be fun on its own merits.



Nuzlock is artificial.

It is a restriction that a player imposes on him or herself, outside of the parameters of the game itself.

S rank is an actual, real part of the game.

It is programmed in, and intended.

Nuzlock is loser arcade “no throwing” rules.


Beaten by Gasaraki.



I’m aware



The same applies for loot progression in loot based games.

You’re always looking for that next, more perfect stat tweak.

All well and good that you are loaded out with uniques.

Good for you.

Now get perfect stats, and incorporate some high level, obscenely rare blues/greens that are BETTER.



That’s not a point I disagree with, nor am I trying to convince you otherwise, but it also doesn’t have anything to do with The Last Remnant