The Playstation Thread: The Surge and Conan Exiles are April Plus games


Apparently PS+ members in Asia are getting Gravity Rush 2, God Eater 2 and Touch my Katamari as their free games for December.

Wtf. Why can’t we have nice things

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PSN got Iconoclasts which is a game I wanted to check out, but didn’t renew my online subscription. Thinking about going with NO(Nintendo Online, har har) since my brother ordered a Switch, which I didn’t see coming.



Even so, it’s the equivalent of PAL, whatever it’s called. “Do not look at the speck of dust in your brother’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own” or wherever lol

I’m looking forward to checking out that Soma game tbh



Point was you set your own goals,



I know…?



Flash sale running on PSN.

Just a heads up.



all the good stuff is for ps3 and surprisingly, VIta. If I still had a vita i’d stock up but the fact sony doesnt support it and I don’t find hacking a system appealing I have no need to get one. I’ve had like 4 vita’s. I always get tons of play out of it for the first few months (PSX Games on the go? Delicious) but the appeal of it quickly loses its luster after that and i always end up selling it to someone.



Out of the flash sale, I picked up The Order: 1886, Gravity Rush 2, and Battlefield 1 for about $18 with state sales tax.

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  • 09:35 – Broadcast begins (game content introduction begins at 12:37)
  • 29:43 – “Find a Way to Survive” trailer
  • 35:52 – Map gameplay and commentary
  • 43:52 – Wanzer-related gameplay
  • 49:22 – Trailer for a video of producer Shinji Hashimoto trying to survive a stage
  • 51:32 – Product-related information
  • 55:17 – Ultimate Edition close-up
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I started monster boy and the cursed kingdom, so far it’s been a good game. I just got past the 4th boss. The animation is really something else, it is a beautiful game.


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I had absolutely no idea what Granblue Fantasy was.

From all the new games announced based on the IP, recently, I hazarded that it was some well-known older Japanese series that I had simply inexplicably never heard of.

Mobile gatcha IPs becoming real games…

…incredible looking, real games.

It is a brave new world.

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looks like in 2019 I’ll probably finally sit down and play some of these great exclusives. Bought God of War a couple of days ago and it’s ready to play, and I have plans to buy Spiderman at some point along with the DLC.



Cygames is one of the rare mobile dev companies that actually care about their user base. Not surprised they are getting bigger.



I have no idea what Granblue is but I plan on buying both games after having seen the trailers. Definitely lookin forward to the Action RPG


  • The flow of the game is basically moving through stages to get to the boss, advancing to specific areas alongside the story. Various locations like vast grasslands and snowy mountains will appear, and there also sub-quests with elements like exploration.
  • I can’t say a specific number when it comes to playable characters. But Bayonetta for example had unique motions for each weapon, which allows you to enjoy different ways of fighting for each one. If you counted each of those weapons as playable characters, [the playable character count] should be quite large for one of these types of games.
  • You will unlock playable characters by meeting specific requirements as you progress through the game.
  • For multiplayer, you can choose from the playable characters that you have unlocked. Since each player’s rate of progression is different, players are allowed to choose the same character.
  • What we’re trying to go for with multiplayer is high-difficulty quests that are unlocked after you clear the main story once, but you can also play low-difficulty quests before clearing the main story.
  • We chose Arc System Works because their style with franchises like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue was a good fit with Granblue Fantasy .
  • Since we don’t want to alienate [fighting game] beginners and those who aren’t accustomed to games, it won’t be a combo-filled game.
  • In order for users who have only played the smartphone game to be able to enjoy the game, all of the special moves can be unleashed with the press of a single button.
  • For skilled players, on the other hand, we’re making sure the game has action and strategic depth. We’re utilizing the know-how of Arc System Works, so you can expect something good.
  • The game speed is moderate, and the combos are also very simple.
  • Currently, the game system is such that difficult elements like juggling and aerials can only be done in very limited situations.
  • We also want to release additional characters as downloadable content.
  • We also want people who don’t like “winning or losing” to be able to play, so we’re thinking about a way for people to play in that regard.


Holy fuck.

Those “design principles” professed in these descriptions are pretty much everything that is wrong with modern gaming.

Fuck that shit with a blazing cancer stick.

All of my hype for those games is now dead.