The Playstation Thread


okay, Hey everybody this an anxious gamer here…hello
Since I can find only one thread that said Playstation on the title I had to come here to bother everyone :stuck_out_tongue:
so I am little scared, a little worried and a little angry on how the internet works,
So basically what happened is that a friend of mine has a PlayStation Plus membership and he wants to top it up with some balance so he asked me if I could lend him some money but I am broke so I asked him if we should look for options on the web and later that day we found there are other websites than sony’s which were selling the top up cards and recharges and all for a lot of discount, since we both have zero to no experience in buying stuff online. We decided to wait and ask people for help, now anyone can help us and tell us how legit such websites are. I am gonna link down below one of the pages on which I saw the discount
here is the page: