The Playstation Turned 15 years Old Today (9/9)


PlayStation turns 15: Share your memories | Joystiq

As the article says…it makes you feel old. For those of us old enough…what was your first few PSX games?

For me - Tekken is what sold me on it, so that was the game I went home form the store with, followed up by Twisted Metal and I believe Lemmings 3D.

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Tekken 1, Jumping flash? (I think that what it was called), Raiden, Crash Bandicoot, and Battle Arena Toshinden were my first PS games.


Fifa :smiley:


NFL Gameday sold me.
I also had Tekken, Battle Arena Toshinden.
That was so long ago, so I don’t even remember the launch games.


Oh man I just youtubed Jumping Flash… the memories. :sad:


The Dreamcast turned 11 years old today.

My dad picked up a PS1 from Circuit City around May of 96 with Bottom of the 9th and Rise 2: Resurrection (LOL). About a month later, I ended up getting Return Fire and Gex. Good fucking times, PS1.


I remember when I got a PS1 and played Tekken, Toshinden, Ridge Racer until my hands cramped.


SFA1 with its shitty load times.

Ah, turning the PSX upside down so it could play games…I wish the PS3/360 system failures had solutions that simple.


I remember playing Rival Schools with my roommates when I was in university. Good times.

The Alpha 3 port was pretty good.


Battle Arena Toshinden and Street Fighter Alpha were the first PS games that I purchased back in 1995. I picked up Tekken 2 and Resident Evil the following year.


best was modding it the day i bought it with the garbage tie thing used to hold the controller wire tight and playing bootleg games 4 hours after it was released


I loved my PSX. I bought it with MK3 and Wipeout back when they were all long boxes. I followed those purchases up with two of the greatest games of all time, King’s Field and Space Griffon VF-9.

There weren’t really any traditional RPGs at the start. Arc the Lad kept being rumoured to come over but it never did. Eventually we got Beyond the Beyond but it was pretty bad. One day though I went to best buy and there was a new RPG with a dark, satanic theme that was right up my alley and looked awesome. It was called Revelations: Persona and it quickly became my new favorite game.

Early PSX was just so good. Most people were jumping from a 16 bit system to it, so the graphics really were a huge leap forward. Other classic early games I was into were Skeleton Warriors, Legacy of Kain (the only good one), Project Overkill and Pandemonium.


Damn, 15 and 11 respectively? It’s been a looong time.

I remember my uncle hooked me up with his PS and a copy of Tekken 2. I played through and watched the Kazuya ending like 300 times before I finally got a another game lol.
I might have to hit up PSN to catch all the games I missed now that I’m thinking about it…


I dont remeber what games I had back then, shit I dont even remeber getting my playstation. I know I had one though because the damn thing is sitting in the garage next to the tv. The few Playstation games I have left are GTA2, Fighter Maker, Some lame DBZ import, SF ex 2 plus, Parasite Eve, Oddworld: Abe’s Exodduss and SFA3. I have a few more but they are in the garage and I dont feel like going out there and lookin’ at them.


Alundra was a fun game. The puzzles had me stumped quite a few times.


Wild Arms was a real good first-gen JRPG on PS1. Decent puzzles, too.


First game i can remember was probably battle arena toshiden & ridge racer…I like how you can remove the game disc in ridge racer & put your music cd…


I never killed the dragon and thus never saw the ending until youtube came along.


i remember playing Toshinden at the toys r us kiosk for hours. i remember wanting a PSX so BADLY. i dont think i ever wanted anything so badly since then… Eventualy i got one and played mostly what was already mentioned:

Tekken, Jumping flash, Toshinden. Twisted Metal. I actually liked those big ass cases the games use to come in.

Also i remember there being like 0 RPGs for the thing. I was really into RPGs at the time so that was a disapointment. Eventualy BEYOND THE BEYOND came out, and man it was the shittest game ever. I was so sad i wasted money on it.


yeah the Toys R US kiosk was key