The Plot of MvC2: Your Thoughts

I’m reading through Kao Megura’s FAQ on MvC2, and I come across a translation of the game’s plot that I had never read before. I will post it, and am sure most of you have already come across this, but let me know if you have heard of any other details on what the game is supposed to be about story-wise since this writing. Maybe someone has heard of these references in other games? Also, feel free to post your thoughts on what this light riddle is supposed to mean:
"Armor of Erosion. What should not be more than a fairy tale. What
should not be awaken forever. But the end has come. Wheel of fortune
resurrected it from limbo of legends. Hideous wave from the armor has
mutated fishes, and unholy wind from the sea killed surface lives.

“When doomful shadow covers hope, warriors join. In search of the
Abyss, which is supposed to bring everything back to the Sea of

Armor of Erosion = Some reference to Abyss?

‘Wheel of fortune’ = just as it says?

‘limbo of legends’ = dreams? lore? involving some sort of magic?

‘hideous wave’ = abyss’ 2nd/3rd form reference?

‘mutated fishes’ = result of above…hence presence of Ruby and Amingo?

‘warriors join’ = the marvel cast…even villians…this is some powerful shit story-wise and the game slept on how big it could have been

‘Sea of Genesis’ = ?..simply meaning back to the beginning or how the worlds used to be

As Kao mentions, and as most of you will likely agree, it could just be spasmic bullshit needed to spew out another vs series. Regardless, interesting stuff that, again, could have been pretty leet if worked out right in the game.



I thought as much. Let’s just hope that TvC has more to offer as far as plot development.


The story is as big a cliche as they could throw together. Take the ending for example, there’s soo many characters that they didn’t even try to put out anything coherent.

I feel like Ruby Heart is one of the cooler characters made up on the spot though. She’s definitely intended to be big in the plot-- her ship is being constructed in one stage, you’re flying around on it in another…

I dunno, maybe the JP version had more emphasis on plot but i doubt it.


I did find this translation in Megura’s FAQ as well:

“Amingo is a ‘Hito-shokubutsu’ (plant person), a race that lives where
the weather is gentle. An accursed wind is killing off any vegetation
it sweeps across, and Amingo has set off on a journey to search for the
wind’s source.”

Note reference to the ‘unholy wind’ again.

But no idea how this extends to the world of X-men, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Megaman, past, future, etc…

good point…isn’t that also her ship that all the characters are on at the game’s end? which stage do you fly on her boat in?

hahaha. the ‘boat’ stage?

Don’t care much for the plot (if any), I just play. I will say the whole abyss thing was ok imo.

lol ok I remember the stage…Gives me an idea though. Almost every stage has some sort of reference to a boat/ship in it.

Let’s see if I can cover the ones that have some sort of boat item in them:
-the industrial stage with the rats running around lets you see the entire ship in the background amidst the night
-the ice stage also has a frozen stern in the backgroud
-the ship itself as you fight on the deck
-there is a stage that resembles a stage from X:CotA…it also has a ship, but looks in bad shape…there is a kanji character at the top of this stage that i can not read

And those that don’t:

-there is a stage that almost resembles Akuma’s lair from SFA3
-there is the desert stage that appears to be just for Amingo
-there is the carnival stage
-there are Abyss’ 3 stages (which seems to house some sort of energy or portal)
-there is a stage covered in snow with a clock tower that resembles a stage from Megaman Legends

edit: What’s interesting is that there are still like 1 or 2 stages I haven’t mentioned, iirc from vs mode.

Characters on the ship at the game’s ending credits:
Ruby, Sakura, Cable (seen w/ Ruby specifically…Why does AHVB do so much damage to Abyss 3rd form?), Amingo, Venom, Spidey, Tron, Servbot, Strider, Cyclops, Marrow, Zangief, Iceman, Doom, Anakaris, Guile, Jill, Psylocke, Wolvy, Hayato, and Hulk

The ship is flying away from an island where you can only assume the battle with Abyss took place given the smoke coming from a volcano’s mouth on the same island.

We see Ruby holding a globe(?) and she tosses it into the sea. What is the globe-like object…?

They make sure to show us this very clean, blue background which is likely the renewed sea. Just my guess.

As the initial translation points out, this all seems to start with this Armor of Erosion. Maybe certain villians of the MvC2 roster were seeking it for power? Again, just my guess.

edit: I just noted that each stage has a variant of itself…at least they all might. The stage that appears to be from a Megaman Legends scene has a version you play w/ snow and one you can play w/o snow.

I have a theory that each stage is supposed to represent a world of each group of fighters in the game.

edit2: I also just thought that maybe the orb that Ruby throws into the water at the game’s end is the very same black orb that we are sometimes able to attack while fighting Abyss’ last form. My guess is that it is the Armor of Erosion, but compacted.

That shit’s her Power-up Orb haha, best guess is she taps into that same energy source that Abyss tapped into for his own power.

Cable for whatever reason is a main character also as far as i can tell.

My Opinion is that it’s all a big simulation because if you look at how the stages switch in arcade mode you see that it’s like an obstacle course. Also Training stage would the room which the different stages are projected onto, and the vortex at the V E R S U S is just the next stage being projected.

I think the Island (the one seen in the ending credits where ruby’s ship flys away from contained that big dome that simulated the different stages.) was where abyss got set up “the tourney.”

Wow. Interesting simulation idea. I thought they were sort of like Ruby’s dimensional ‘bus stops’ haha. But why would Abyss run a tournament? :stuck_out_tongue:

cause it’s Capcom, everything’s a tourney.

dude thats an EXCELLENT point. lmao

yeah that orb is abyss and you forgot mags akuma and morrigan were on the ship as well (arc version anyways)

son son had a level as well.

I thought the story was obvious.

There is a call to all heroes to gather but only 3 may enter to fight Abyss therefore they all fight each other on the way to Abyss to determine which 3 have the best chance, hence why most stages have a ship reference.

The orb is the source of Abyss energy, just like the orb in that green monster in Megaman 8, that’s why hitting it does damage.

At the end he’s destroyed and it’s useless so Ruby throws it away who is the captain and whose ships made it possible to travel to Abyss.

Thats what I got that too. Course i’ve been playing this game far too long. :sweat:

You guys seriously didn’t notice the globe she holds is the Abyss in his 3rd stage?

:u: i highly doubt the globe IS abyss, but rather the ‘armor of erosion’ that allowed abyss to manifest

^ sorry i meant “from” the Abyss part on the 3rd stage