The PNW Celebrity-look-alike thread!


  1. This is just for fun, if you don’t want anyone posting pictures of people you look like then just say so please. In other words, we will just talk about who you look like on IRC, and AIM chat rooms when your not there.

  2. You cannot post pictures/videos of whom you think you look like. It is from the perspective of others on here that will post on who you look like. That way there is a higher probability that the person being called out will be surprised on who they look like rather than posting from their own perspective, and being pissed off about it, which is funny in certain circumstances.

  3. Try to keep the the look-alike in line of what the individual really looks like please. For example: Frank cannot post a picture of a Hippo and say it looks like Super Joe, and I cannot post a picture of a pile of shit and call it Frank. Although both of us might at times look like the described pictures, there are more accurate images on the internet. So be creative yet fair.

  4. Have fun! Fall/Winter is upon us and the weather makes us depressed since the sun becomes a fable rather than something we can prove existence in the cosmos.


I’ll start off by posting a video.


Now to me this looks like a MUTANT cross between KK and Frank.

Deluficer and this classic singer


Chris Masters aside from the obvious Dlo Brown, perhaps Mushmouth from Fat Al?

Hahah i can’t think of any from here = ( good thread thou lol

That’s a good one. I would have never thought of that.

Super Joe

Hold up pimpin’! Where the fuck are my arms? I have both of my arms still.

KK and Tarzan from Rikioh


File:Splodinhead4ju.gif - Encyclopedia Dramatica

[media=youtube]jdPSA5NnPEY This"[/media] looks like Frankdadank & OnedeadAmerican. Well it would look like OnedeadAmerican if his hair was longer, Frank, yeah it looks like Frank regardless of hair length. This reminds me of Riki-Oh and Paul Lee for some odd reason.

i laughed


Duncan evolving into Namdar.

ROFL, good one

I might be the only one who thinks this, but this guy kind of reminds me of Messatsu Orochi:

No, THIS is Messatsu Orochi.


Jacob transforming

blown up, but i knew it was coming

no homo


Chris Masters waking up before he leaves for the AFRODOJO!


^^ Matt Smith.


^^ Kuenai.

Over the summer of 2010 Famous Nate looked like this guy:

Seattle Seahawks: Jon Ryan

Now I don’t know who Famous Nate looks like with is buzz cut :frowning:

Though, I have a strong opinion that when Famous Nate hits 70 he will look just like this dude!

Yfrog Image :

in the “super joe face” pictures, he looks like the shoopdawoop guy