The podcast(ing) thread

Consider this the place to discuss any and all things podcast related. From what podcasts you enjoy listening to, to tips and discussion about hosting/creating your own podcasts.

I have a rather long commute, so podcasts work well for me. I’ve been into podcasts and podcasting for less than a year, but I’m enjoying it thus far. I primarily listen to video game related podcasts, but am looking for a good sci-fi podcast show. I tried Slice of Sci-Fi, but couldn’t get into it for some reason.

As far as video game podcasts go, I’ve been listening to:
The Giant Bombcast:
A well-known podcast for current-gen gaming, this weekly show has high production values, good sound, and the hosts are experienced and humorous, they average about 2-3hrs a show.

Super Marcato Bros. Video Game Music Podcast:
An amateur weekly podcast that is centered around video game music. The hosts are clearly musicians, and as such are well-versed in different styles of music, and are very passionate about it. Tho I don’t think it’s for everyone, they go into details about the tracks such as the notes, instruments, and techniques used in the music they’re reviewing, and they can get carried away sometimes, but still very good.

The Retro League:
An amateur podcast about retro video games. It can be somewhat bland at times, but the hosts are knowledgeable, and they each pick a retro game of the week they then talk about.

On the hosting /creative side, I have actually started up my own Retro Video Game podcast with some friends, it’s called Retro Game Squad. Check it out if you like:

We’re a monthly show, and we basically pick a specific topic (ex: Ninja Games, Puzzle Games, etc.) and then review/discuss 10-12 games that fall under said topic. We’ve done 4 episodes thus far, and it’s been quite a learning experience for me. I spent months doing research beforehand on how to structure it, learning to use Audacity, and editing. For all the research and practice I/we did, I feel like our first episode was mediocre. In retrospect, it came off as unstructured and poorly planned. I revised the layout in the second episode, getting right to the central topic, and I feel it and the following episodes turned out much better.
Also, fuck editing, I spend the better part of an entire day editing after we’re done recording. A lot of stuttering, uhm, ahs, etc, in addition to when we get off topic. It’s much harder than you think to keep yourself from doing the aforementioned things when you’re speaking. You do it without even realizing it; you need to be very self-conscious when speaking.
I use Audacity to record the show, my sound bites, and for editing. It’s free, stable, has a large support group, and is versatile. You can’t ask for much more:

There are some tutorials I read that I felt really helped me learn the basics of hosting a show. The most useful one was at Podcast411. This tutorial was awesome for me. It covers everything. From recording, to converting, to tagging, to setting up your host and putting your show up on iTunes, this tutorial covered all the basics. Some of the content is a little out of date, but it’s still extremely useful:

Here’s a couple of more links to some tutorials:
Also, the folks at Giant Bomb had a small article specifically about how to make a successful retro game podcast:

If anyone has any feedback on my show, or has any of their own podcasting advice they’re willing to offer, I’m always willing to listen.

I’m the same and love listening to podcasts in the while commuting. I don’t listen to too many gaming podcasts besides Wake Up SRK since I don’t really keep up with modern games and don’t like the kind of spoilers they present in the podcasts, I prefer playing my games clueless with as little information as possible.

That being said, My personal favorites are:
Skeptics Guide to the Universe:
Great weekly science podcast with a set of charming, knowledgeable, and hilarious hosts. That usually goes with discussion of scientific news items, interviews, and unique segments on the show. Fantastic podcast overall and my favorite, can’t go a week commuting without it.

This is so so good. Science podcast that discuss unique topics with bizarre twists, highly entertaining with production values off the roof.

All in the Mind:
Radio show discussing topics relating to Neurology/Psychology. Very fascinating if you are into that.

Naked Scientists:
Another fantastic Science podcast.

The Infinte Monkey Cage:
Another hilarious Scientific podcast hosted by Brain Cox on the BBC. Great overall and highly recommended.