The point guard of the team

I don’t care if he’s not that good he is my main man for the team Sooo. I need some help.

  1. Who are good supports. I use akuma and cyclops or iron man and cyclops
  2. Need to learn some nasty combos. Not the one shown at eventhubs that thing was just a combo vid, need some explanation to go with
  3. I know ryu in my team crazy right?

I really like ryu a lot… and I play him once in awhile. He has some nice moves… nothing to amazing… but a few goodies… s.fp, fireball xx shinku… is easy and mean. Also… anything xx hurricane kick xx shinku should work fine…

As far as teammates… given that you are using plain jane ryu… you’ll probably want someone more impressive than akuma. Try out doom… if you like team hyper combos… you can always use ryu, cable, IM and just have an insane beam… Wait for an assist to look open to attack… a1 + a2 = dead assist.

Here is some sorta advanced niceness…

ground combo, call AA assist that hits up up high, dragonpunch xx shinku…

assist will carry em up… ryu will shoot up with the dragonpunch but whiff it and XX to shinku… pretty nice… I use it as a staple when I pick ryu/chun/guile and play my SF classics team. 80+ dmg (tested with those 2 assists)

Ryu/Chun doesn’t sound bad. Get Chun on that overhead assist, that way Ryu can just go low and pressure with footsies. If you can make them block a low while Chun assist hits, that’s basically an unblockable setup.

Ryu can throw a lot of sj. Fireballs, so Ryu/Doom sounds like a funny duo.

I hope people are able to prove me wrong, but to me the Shotos rank Ken>Akuma>Ryu. Ryu needs to be leveled up!

I think Ken = Akuma = Ryu is pretty close to accurate. Akuma has the most tools… Ken has almost as many but better stamina… Ryu has good stam and defense… but struggles to get on the offense with limited options.

Yeah, I agree with the order being Ken>Akuma>Ryu, but that will never stop me from playing him. I admit I’m a bit odd in my approach sometimes, but when I play Ryu it’s usually Ruby AA/Ryu AA/Doom AA. I play Ruby well, and she can build gauge like a maniac with Doom backing her. The gauge, of course is for Ryu (the Other Cable light!). When I rush down people with Doom AA, they all tend to crouch guard, so I’ll dash in with Ryu’s f.Hp for an easy overhead, call doom again, and go into a Hurricane Kick and start the bs all over. It’s been mentioned elsewhere, but dropping a Mille Fantome and DHCing into Shinku and TGing another Shinku for an assist kill is both fun and funny.
I also like to GB with Blackheart AA, wait a moment, then Shinku Hadoken. Admittedly Ryu/BH teams can be pretty impractical, though.

Actually, I think starting Akuma is better. Of course, coming from a practice-with-Akuma-first standpoint. The reason I would start Akuma first, is because you want to get the most out of the weakest in your line. Also, if he dies, you still have Ken (yeah…hurricane massacre!!!) and Ryu. A lot of people who play Akuma dont take advantage of his teleportation. Using this w/Ken hurri assist, it creates a uneven atmosphere for your opponent. Huh? What I mean, is while your opponent is being slapped by Ken’s boat feet, they are still looking at Akuma teleporting. Its not all special or something, but it creates somewhat of the intimidation factor for Akuma. And I know its highly unlikely, but try to sneek in a raging demon after a corner aerial combo. Its not likely, but Akuma builds levels quite well, so it doesnt hurt that much. Actually, I think you can connect it, if timed right in the corner. Like Sentinel’s beam g-break, or Storm’s LA attack w/opponent is getting up, you can do it right before they get up, and see if it connects. Kinda like Magneto’s corner tempest, its hard to mash out of it in the corner. So, I think thats kinda the same. Im gonna practice it, and see if it connects.