The Pokemon Thread


Trainer, Pika, Juggly, and Lucario.

I’ma start out by saying Lucario > all of them.



Lucario is not the best.

PT is the best.

But saying Lucario isn’t the best isn’t saying much since he looks to be high tier material as does pikachu.

PT will be no less than high tier IMO.

But I think he is top tier material.

Jiggz…is ass. >_>

Or so I’v heard.


So which of the 3 PT pokemon is supposed to be the best. Hopefully its Charizard, because I like him the most.


Ivysaur looks to be the best, I think.


PT is good, but he’s not better than Lucario (on my “list”). Not in my hands, at least. In other news, I find Squirtle the weakest of the three PT Pokemon.



It’s really close.

Ivysaur has a very gimpable recovery.

Honestly I think it’s between Charizard and Squirtle.

Squirtle is very fast with some decent kill moves.

Charizard is very powerful and he isn’t slow at all really.

Good AAA combo. Decent smashes and his specials are solid.

He also has really good tilts that are very fast.

Honestly Charizard is a serious contender for the best of the three.


Ivysaur= Balance Squirtle=Speed Charizard=Power


Yeah Definitley between Charizard and Squirtle. im leaning more towards squirtle. Good combo potential, fast air pokes, and speed. Ivysaur’s up smash is pretty powerful though.


Just a few things I’ve noticed with Lucario:

-His counter gets stuffed on the first few frames of start up(as does Ike’s). The energy-charging sound plays but Lucario still gets hit.

-You can counter pikmin if they are clinging to him. And since Lucario gets a bonus when he gets higher damage, this is an interesting match. If you counter the clinging pikmin then you will teleport kick where you were, not where Olimar is. Pikmin guarantees a counter activation, if they cling then you can close in with something extra under your sleeve.

-I have a love/hate relationship with d+Air. Sometimes that shit beats out characters on both sides of him but will often get stuffed by attacks BELOW him. And you can get a D+Air on the ground by pressing holding down and pressing Jump~A. I haven’t found any real applications but I have been doing AA~Instant D+Air into some followups but I didn’t verify if it was an actual combo. I love small jump f+Air~d+Air. Sonichuman and I call it HM2F2(Hold My Mother Fucking Feet).

-Fully charged Aura Spheres get canceled out by one pikmin.

-Back-turned charging Aura Sphere actually hits. I can’t wait to see the combo vids.


Is there a way to start with a specific Pokemon when playing PT?


Yes, after you pick pokemon trainer just pick on the pokemon you want to use.



/tries it

Nice! Never actually thought about trying it. haha thanks.


No problem.


Works for Sheik too.


never thought I’d see the day that Smash Brothers would get it’s own subforum on srk.



Hey what up Stu.

Open your copy yet? =P


^ Nope.


Pikachu seems slower now =/


Seems about the same to me. In fact, I’m more comfortable with him in Brawl, than I am in Melee. He was nerfed to all hell in Melee.


no one underestimate jiggs…puffball got one new thing with he moves, her rest not only hurts you badly but it leaves a flower on your head! damage on that move can now be pretty bad.