The Polish were assassinated!



I have no idea what the hell I’m looking at. I’m betting someone somewhere has actual footage of the crash. When you do something like that, the claim is useless without a video.


Yeah, I kinda figured people weren’t getting shot at the site. I mean, if someone yells “Don’t shoot us!” would you stick around? And if it did occur why wouldn’t they destroy the camera? Still it’s kind of convenient the plane crash happened anyways. There are people who would go out of their way to kill another person if it meant their livelihood was in danger. After all crazy people aren’t logical. They just want results.


Does Poland have Jack Bauer? Cause they gonna need one if this shit is true. :coffee:


None of this has any apparent link to what happened, so we can scoot it on off to the side. Which leaves:

A coincidence is not evidence, and coincidences can quite comfortably be ignored until something solid is unearthed that gives them relevance. The problem with coincidences is that the human brain is conditioned to recognize and assign importance to them in an extremely biased way. Also on April 10th: the Titanic left port, American aircraft bombed North Vietnam, and Steven Seagal was born.

If this had happened on April 20th, who would you immediately suspect? Nazis? Timothy McVeigh? Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris?


Aside from the Nazis, when was the last time you’ve read any of those others in papers about black op shit? The KGB anniversary date means nothing I completely agree, but damn Russia already is known for shady deals like this and the crash happening over their land isn’t helping their case.


You’ve never been the brightest penny in the fountain but every time you post it’s like you’re trying to dig your hole deeper. Yes, Poland is in an important spot in terms of defense but a) we (the West) are nowhere near war with Russia for any reason and b) China probably wouldn’t attack the main consumers of its exports, it’s the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. That’s putting aside the fact that they, once again, don’t have a reason for war.

Finally, there’s that whole nuclear deterrent thing that still very much exists. It’s one of the main reasons the East didn’t attack back in the Cold War. This notion that Poland is going to be used as a corridor of attack is a little ridiculous.

Why, Lord? Why have you placed imbeciles like this on our green Earth? Why are the majority forced to spoonfeed the obvious the the dim-witted. Why?



Antichrist incoming


The irony…


People believe in this kind of shit because it’s easy. You don’t have to do any real research, or really think anything over if the answers are all right there on youtube.


I sure hope so. Otherwise clicking on this thread has been a massive waste of my time.

edit: not that my time was particularly valuable to begin with…



this thread is still going?


spud, the reason you get shot down in every thread you ever post in is because you post nothing but stupidity. After your ass is handed to you time and again, you turn to avoiding issues, making dumbass posts which have no point whatsoever, and insisting that you were “never being serious.” Its long past time for you to give up. You were amusing for a while, now you’re just sad.


This ridiculousness of this video and the idea that there are some gullible crackpots out there who think it’s real just makes me laugh.


If I’m always getting shot down from…something, you sure do seem butthurt. Butthurt enough to call me out on blatant trollposts, at least.




What did the black box say about how the plane went down?


No, like I said I’m just bored of you now. Your stupidity isn’t even entertaining anymore. Trolling is pretty much all you have left and you’re not even good at that. A damn shame.