The Political Thread 2021

Everytime I hear Zata talk about black folk I see this in my head :joy:


I’m not following anybody though. There is someone else here who most always cosigns with anybody in contrast to what i say, so this is actually very fitting for him lol

nbcnews is online tabloids? Isn’t this your shit? Are you going to go “i don’t want to answer that question… because i don’t want to lose” again?

See and hear this instead


Last Real N***** Alive - YouTube

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this is new to me about it being Indian land

Biden’s Nominee to Manage U.S. Interior Deb Haaland: ‘I Acknowledge’ Capitol Sits on Indian Land

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) said on Tuesday at her confirmation hearing to be secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI) that she had to “acknowledge” that Capitol Hill, which includes the U.S. Capitol and House and Senate office buildings, is on land belonging to Native Americans.

“I wouldn’t be here without the love and support of my child Somah, partner Skip, my mom Mary Toya, my extended family, and generations of ancestors who sacrificed so much so I could be here today,” Haaland said in her opening statement before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. “I acknowledge that we are on the ancestral homelands of the Nacotchtank, Anacostan, and Piscataway people.”

Except he’s not Black.

CNN posting some hard-hitting truths for once. NEVER EVER EVER WOULD’VE EXPECTED THIS HAPPENING IN THE U.S.

Capitol officials say riot was planned and involved white supremacists (

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Oof, Glenn Greenwald takes no prisoners in this dissection of media dishonesty. Shenanigans like this are at the core of Trump’s “fake news” meme, and while his most rabid supporters don’t have the capacity to filter, fact check, and verify on their own, it speaks to that nugget of earned distrust.

It’s a shame as I watched the local newspaper descend into partisan quackery over the past 15 years, before going tits up. Now it only exists is limited form online, for their true believers.

Unfortunately in my lifetime news anchors have devolved into models that read teleprompters, and the title “journalist” is applied to any peckerhead that can hammer away enough words for their Livejournal blog screeds.

I’ll be sitting over here hoping things don’t get worse, but expecting it to keep marching down that fearful path.

**Tim Pool has entered the chat


Have Tim Pool and Ben Shapiro ever done an interview? Their adderall fueled default 1.75X speed ramblings would possibly tear a hole in the fabric of reality, maybe create a time portal. . . :hear_no_evil:

Together, no. Both have individually interviewed/debated David Pakman though.


Misdemeanor charges…




Ya know, maybe Trump’s tiktok ban should have gone through after all


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What?! He loves doing viral dances like the youngsters. #TrumpTok? :thinking: :crazy_face:

Great, now I’m picturing Trump streaming on Twitch - “I have a great gaming chair. This is the best gaming chair in the world. If you join my Starcraft clan I’ll give you all great gaming chairs, and South Korea will pay for them!

In other news, “HOW DARE YOU!

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Dumb Terrorist Fuck throws his hat into the $15 minimum wage debate, and no surprise, it’s awful just like everything they do.

Josh Hawley to introduce alternative to minimum wage hike - Axios

The politics: Hawley plans to pitch “The Blue Collar Bonus” as a populist, pro-worker proposal.

  • Hawley’s team estimates it would likely cost roughly $200 billion, something traditional Republicans will balk at, though it hasn’t been officially scored.
  • Hawley told Axios he also would support a $15 minimum wage for workers of large corporations that generate at least $1 billion in annual revenue.

uuuggghhhhh… :man_facepalming:

The bill: Hawley is proposing a three-year program that would increase worker wages in 2021, paid by taxpayers rather than employers.

  • Those making below $16.50 per hour would receive a refundable tax credit worth 50% of the difference, paid out in quarterly installments. The $16.50 could increase over time, as it would be tied to the Consumer Price Index.
  • The credit would only apply to 40 hours or less of weekly work.
  • Only American workers with valid Social Security numbers would be eligible, meaning non-U.S. citizens and undocumented immigrants would be excluded.

Bolded is another way for them to say “See lazy people want your tax dollars”, when it comes time backtrack on it.

Foreseeable problems: The subsidy would disproportionally benefit those in states that have kept their minimum wages low.

  • It’s also an incredibly complicated bill, which could make it difficult for workers to properly estimate their take-home.



Again gop saying fuck small business


Best idea ever was in the replies

I’d pay 59.99 to watch other reps/senators beat the shit out of Cruz , mcconell,pelosi and a few others


Tuition went up 11 times as much.

$3.35 in 1985 was worth about $8 and change, accounting for inflation to 2021.

Minimum wage is currently $7.25

So dude was making a value that was about a buck more to pay for something that was 11 times less.