The politics of taunting


I just had a flick through the rage mail segment of the forum, only to find people profusely arguing their interpretation of “Taunt Ethics”. In my humble opinion, taunting is there solely for mind games.


Imagine being on the end of a Gen 20+ hit combo leading to the time running down to 2 seconds and he then taunts “pitiful amateur” before time runs out


Taunts I find are a mind game. I usually taunt if someone is being a cheesy F***** and I am winning anyway. Like a T- Hawk/Cody Neutral jumping heavy punch and staying back while I am Yun. or I taunt someone who is using El fuerte just for the hell of it . Sometimes I use taunt when someone is beating me then I make the come back. subtle things like that. ALso I never take it personal when Dan taunts, if Dan doesn’t taunt how is he Dan ?


yes…mind games is one of fighting aspect. and “personal action” is a testing tool dedicated to our opponent.
(lets just say, taunting is to test whether your opponent’s mind are easily to be screwed or not)

its kinda useless to me if you mind has already messed up even though you won by trashing your enemy to pulp.
same goes to your opponent.

remember … play for fun, not for EVO.


I think you missed my point. I refer in context to those who spout rules about taunting as if there’s an unwritten code of conduct with regards to taunting. Not that it matters.

…I find it hilarious.


What? Is there an office position available for those who taunt? There are no politics or etiquette involved. It’s just something to have fun with.


I feel proper etiquette would be to taunt only to players around your level.


I feel you paid 30$ for your game you do whatever the fuck you want it.


I respect players who taunt and can back it up, but unfortunately most of the people who taunt end up getting owned themselves.


This is why I taunt mostly when my opponent is dizzy and close to die. Gotta show them online scrubs who’s boss.


I basically only taunt people if they got stunned simply because they mash DP and get punished over and over again. Then they proceed to mash even harder the next round and all the fine points are mine.


I taunt as a means to celebrate the the occasion of playing. It’s light hearted and fun. You don’t have to only taunt when you are winning. When playing with guile and getting absolutely stomped, sometimes I pull off a waking flash kick and it’s all HELL YEAH SHADES BEFORE YOU HIT THE GROUND!!

Some people take it seriously and look a bit douchey. If a Dan spanks his ass and you are playing Ryu, don’t ‘adjust your gloves’ in response - it just makes you look mad.


This is an example of when it’s not ok to taunt:


See, I think that was a great time to taunt. He was down a game and a round, was clearly outclassed, then took the opportunity to beat his chest. Then Para para Juicebox took his scalp. The issue was Scumbag’s salty exit. He had the chance to go out with some humor, but instead he got butthurt.


Taunting offline is kind of misplaced, but putting on shades is just a ritual for Guile players, I don’t even take it as a taunt.


Clearly you haven’t seen the guys preaching about it on SRK.




Hitting someone with a flying ‘yahoo’ or a crouching ‘doushita doushita’ builds meter, so it’s legit.


It’s such an unimportant topic. There’s nothing to preach. A conversation about apples vs. oranges would be more beneficial.


I hate taunting. I am horrible at the game and taunting sends me into blind jumping rage.